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Recycled jigsaw puzzle prize closes 26th Feb

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Recycled jigsaw puzzle prize

Vegan Family Guide is excited to team up with our friend Retonio to offer you the chance to win one of these eco sustainable, recycled animal jigsaws, with nature themes to celebrate the seasons. Complete the entry form with your name and email to enter.

Retoño means new shoots, sprout, or child in Spanish. The eco toy box and top launched on the Autumn equinox, aiming to enact a more balanced world through play. Environmental education resource boxes are available as a one-off or subscription.

Becky, the founder is a mother, trained teacher and scientist. We were housemates while reading environmental studies, so I can vouch for her ethics. Each product is made on demand in Becky’s own home, using a renewable energy supplier.

The jigsaw images are printed on recycled cards. The printer has a tank to fill with whatever ink you like. (As a new business, Becky is still looking into how to source vegetable inks, or make her own with algae.) Once the picture is ready, Becky then cuts the puzzle pieces with her own cutting machine. The picture for the box is fixed on with coconut glue.

Other toys are made with a home 3D printer, using cornstarch based biodegradable plastic. The delivery box is a mix of recycled and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard.

This is a preview of the first subscription box, in stock now. It is aimed at younger readers, and includes: a used (ie, recycled!) or new book, seasonal puzzle, and small 3D printed educational toy in a box.

As parents, we know the monotony of lockdown, and how exciting it can be to share a new book, after reading the same one again and again. How lovely to have something topical to look forward to and discuss each month...

Find more eco friendly children’s colouring, music, videos, stickers, toys, gifts and books in Vegan Family Guide. Look out for our soon to start competitions to win vegan children’s shoes and win a free place on my new baby led pottying course. Subscribe to the mailing list to hear more.

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