Quickly find where to buy vegan children's shoes for school and home.  Our experiences with Baby Vegan's first shoes. Clothes page here.

Baby Vegan didn't wear shoes until they started to walk.  We have been through a lot in quick succession, which were either: too big, too hard to get on, or just fell off.  Baby Vegan couldn't walk in shoes at first, and preferred to be barefoot.  They have now learnt to walk with more confidence, and I think would be happy in any shoes.  

The first shoes which stayed on Baby Vegan's feet were some Primark plimsolls from a charity shop.  They took one off on a train after a few days, and that was the end of them. 

We later bought some moccasin style sock slippers with a sole.  These mostly stay on, but do need adjustment occasionally when the foot falls off the sole.  

Ankle length welly boots are possible to both put on the foot and then stay there.  At first they wouldn't go on, but Baby Vegan seems to have learnt how to hold their foot to help us now.  At first Baby Vegan had some trouble walking, but got the hang of it.  One fell off when Baby Vegan was in their carrier, probably on the bus. 

Image by Annie Spratt


Guides with pictures of : vegan baby shoes, vegan school shoes

vegan kid's shoes


Npn- leather children's footwear and school shoes


Casual and a few school style children's shoes described as vegan

All vegan:

Native (U.S, trainers, boots, sneakers)

Lil Souls (Hong Kong, smarter coloured shoes, support

Some vegan:

Etsy, (range of styles and vendors)

Happy Little Soles, (U.K., trainers, boots, sandals, barefoot)

Marks and Spencer (UK, vegan black school trainers and plimsoles)

Casual children's shoes in bright and dark colours described as vegan

All vegan: 

Little Vegan Boutique (U.K., boots, trainers, sandals, toddler shoes)

BabyNanya (U.S., soft shoes, give some money to sanctuaries)

Evercreatures (U.K, rubber wellies)

Frugi (UK, rubber wellington boots)

Muddy Puddles (UK, PVC wellies)

Wills Vegan Shoes​ (U.K., black school shoes, certified carbon neutral, made in EU, organic plant based)

Veja (France, trainers, organic, fair trade not certified)

Ikiki (U.S. velcro baby- reports they will be available in the U.K.)

Some vegan: 

Vivobarefoot (U.K. plan to use 90% sustainable materials, barefoot trainers, sandals, boots)

Scandiborn (U.K. sandals and rubber rainboots)

Pediped (U.S., mostly trainers and sandals.)

Toms (canvas, B Corporation)

Crocs​ (U.K., sandals and boots)

Keen Footwear (Netherlands, walking)

Livvie and Luca (U.K., tweed shoes and sandals)

little bRogues (U.K., sandals, trainers)

Natural World Eco Shop (Spain, canvas style)

Plae (U.K., sandals and trainers)

Young soles (U.K. sandals)

Casual and school shoes filtered by material (glue not described specifically)

Some vegan:

Clarks (U.K., range of styles labelled 'synthetic' and 'textile')

La Redoute (U.K., range of styles labelled 'synthetic' and 'textile')

Schuh (U.K., range of styles labelled 'man made')

Wynsors (U.K., labelled 'non leather' and 'fabric')

Urban plant waste- a new recycled material

Carbon negative compost shoes for children are currently under development at Biophilica.  

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