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British Values and Citizenship Learning Resources for adult community learning and further education

These are some teaching materials I made or found to teach the OCN Level Award in Awareness of British Values and Citizenship, as an adult community learning course, and as a family learning course for people interested in childcare work.

When I taught the course, we would look at news stories, and evaluate the extent to which they met the British Value. We would also discuss how we could demonstrate the values in childcare. Learners would also relate the values to their own countries.

There is an accompanying article about picture books which can be used to illustrate the British Values in family learning, EYFS or primary schools.

Resource booklet

These worksheets and cards can either be printed, or completed on a computer. It is also on the TES website.

AssessmentWorkbook_L1_BritishValues_Citizenship [Autosaved]
Download PPTX • 72.67MB

Life in the UK test British History revision map

Click the top left to open a contents page/ timeline

More useful links, videos, and teaching materials


1.1 Democracy and British Values

1.2 Democracy in Practice

1.3 Institutions

2.1 Elections

2.2 Local Government

2.3 Central Government

3.1a Rule of Law

3.1b Individual Liberty

3.1c Mutual Respect and Tolerance

4.1 Extremism, Radicalisation and Terrorism

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