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Best reusable stickers for children

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Reusable kids sticker books: Kindness, emotions, empathy, making friends, animals, the world, people, languages, jobs, science, maths, local nature, international nature

Vegan artist stickers: Raspberrythief, Liz Cook Wall Chart, PlantBasedCards and ThingsICareAboutShop make stickers.

Biodegradable: Raspberrythief, HelpfulKids, BigDogandCo and Friends of the Earth.

Magnetic: Baby Animals, AnimalsOcean, Our World, Magnetibook,

Felt: Sea, Animals, Animals, Ocean

Pop out card: Ocean, Nature, Doctor, Builder, Maisy's House, Maisy's Nursery, Baby's Words, Baby's Colours

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ethically sourced sustainable stickers and eco alternatives
reusable/ easy peel off/ repositionable


Visit Bookshop reusable sticker books

Biodegradable stickers

Reusable sticker books and stickers

Magnetic stickers

Felt stickers

Activity books, including wipe clean

Baby Vegan currently currently gets through one animal themed Usborne Sticker book a week.  Baby Vegan's favourite nature sticker books comprise friendly, smiley faced animal stickers, and pages with background scenes of their environment to stick the animals onto. You do not need to put the sticker in a particular place, just find the right (or wrong) habitat.  (Edit: now aged 2, Toddler Vegan prefers there to be a right place to put the sticker).  I was initially pleased to see Baby Vegan learn concentration and fine motor skills, while studying environmental science (like me!) but then realised sticker books are not recyclable.  Since it is a bit embarrassing to have an eco website which promotes single use plastic, I set out to find an alternative.  I am now the world's leading authority on stickers.

I made myself this shopping list of titles which show animals in their natural habitat.  We avoid sticker books with: farms, zoos, aquariums and pets for vegan reasons.  For green reasons, I've found out about reusable, sustainably sourced stickers, and magnetic and felt sticker alternatives.  We also avoid books about cars.

We're on our third copy of Nature, by Federica Iossa; which Baby Vegan has been known to take to bed. It begins with a British woodland, and then invites you around the world, visiting many different animals at home and learning their names. Baby Vegan was particularly keen on the coral reef.  Baby Vegan also liked Seasons by Jean Claude, which has ducks.

When sticking, Baby Vegan often likes to arrange creatures into interspecies cuddle parties. The animals sometimes bounce around or eat bits of our dinner before settling on the page, or carpet.

Making Paper Craft Art


Biodegradable stickers made from eco paper

fungi, flowers, birds, wildlife by a vegan family.


7- 10 depending on the set

£4.20- 5


paperandbean also sell biodegradable eco message stickers

DeHaineDesigns has some sheep

biodegradable stickers
Biodgradable stickers

Helpful Kids

Biodegradable colour-in stickers for story stones


Biodegradable colour- in stickers as part of woodland animal activity pack

also chore tokens reward chart, or chore magnets


12- 15 depending on the set

£7.25- 8.50

more:  BigDogandCo have biodegradable gold stars

biodegradable stickers


eco nature and animal sticker scenes and alternativesl

Reusable stickers are environmentally and financially better than single use stickers, but do not last forever- especially in our house.  Once carpet fluff/ food/ dribble gets to them they lose stickiness.  Where the stickers are not paper it is possible to wash them and regain the stick.  One benefit is that they are sometimes a bit thicker than normal stickers, and so easier to pick up.

Friends of the Earth's Planet Protectors Pack contains sustaimnability stickers and other activities, available by donation.

Reusabe stickers


Giant, fold-out panorama pictures with reusable stickers

Geraldine Cosneau, Tate Publishing

FSC or 'equivalent' paper

8 scenes, hundreds of stickers


All Around the World: Animal Kingdom reusable sticker panorama


Usborne reusable sticker book

Usborne by Gareth Lucas 

A reusable addition to Baby's beloved Usborne series.  Small size, handy for little ones.  Fold out back cover to store stickers.  

Moving to only FSC paper for books.

16 pages, 300+ stickers

£5.99 at Waterstones

Reusable children's animal nature sticker book Jungle by Gareth Lucas, Usborne Little First Stickers

Ultimate Animal Sticker Book
Ultimate Insect Sticker Book

Reusable sticker book

Anness Publishing

100 stickers


Ultimate Sticker Book Bugs

Reusable sticker book


250 stickers


Sticker Fun - Simple Science

Reusable sticker book

Press Armadillo

50+ stickers


Sticker Fun - Sizes

Reusable sticker book

Press Armadillo

50+ stickers



Vinyl Stickers





Reusable vegan children's stickers

healthy eating reward chart

Liz Cook Wall Chart

Each family member gets a set of re-useable animal stickers so they can see their healthy fruit and vegetable food intake, aiming to get one sticker on each of the five rainbow colour food groups every day.




reusable Sticker Play Scene cards

Sticker Play Scenes series (reusable at first) and Stick and Play Books (not reusable) series by (Car Buckingham and Andrea Pinnington, Fine Feather Press- publisher specialised in nature books).

These compact and light cards could be good to play with on a train. Baby finished their pond in one afternoon in the Muddy Puddle cafe. We also combine the set with the Red Bubble stickers below. The Ponds and Rivers edition includes: Mallard ducks, Mandarin ducks, Swan, Coot and Heron. 

About 20 stickers, 1 scene


Fine Feather Press sticker play scene card series, Car Buckingham and Andrea Pinnington


Reusable vinyl stickers- sold individually

Baby has interests in: ducks, stickers, and new vocabulary.  Therefore, I set out on a mission to combine these hobbies; in order introduce the correct terminology for fresh water bird species from a young age. I'm still uncertain how to pronounce 'pochard'.

I bought a sticker for each of the birds found in Clissold Park from Red Bubble (made from plastic, carbon offsetting for delivery only). They remained reusable for a few days. We have been sticking these onto: household appliances, ourselves, and a map of the park.

Here is where to find the stickers:

Cosmic Esoteric: Male Mallard, Team Coot Uniform, Rock dove love, Swans in the lake, Bird in flight stickers.  I'm a regular customer at Cosmic Esoteric canal shop, having also acquired a wedding dressand some children's bird t-shirts. The designer lives on the canal and is neighbours with the ducks.  Follow her to hear about floating and cyber markets.

Pochard duck sticker.  Mrs Foxy: Little Grebe sticker. Jessamy83: Egyptian Geese sticker.  elaine pearson: Canada Goose sticker.  David Knowles (Owl Occasions): Greylag Goose sticker.  Robert Carr: Moorhen sticker.

The park map was made by Clissold Park Users Group, and can be purchased from the park cafe. It tells you the names of some birds, and has a picture of the lakes and the river, which we lay the ducks out onto. I baby-proofed it with sticky tape.

Vegan theme stickers


animal and nature magnet play scene sets

We were recently given some magnetic letters by a teenager who used them as a toddler- which demonstrates their durability.  They could be stuck around the house as well.

I'm waiting to receive our first magnetic sticker book.  My hope is that they will stay sticky for a long time, but not stick to my feet.  One benefit of magnets over felt is that the animals can be more detailed.  

I don't know how that metal is sourced.    Find second hand recycled on eBay.


Magnetic stickers


Magnetic book

Magnetology, Olivier Latyk (may include a fishing boat)

5 scenes, 45 pieces


The full Magnetology range includes: Ocean, Baby Animals, Homes, Construction and Dinosaurs.

Ocean magnetic fish/ saline book, Magnetology, Olivier Laytk
Felt stickers


I bought some plain Fuzzy Felt shapes on eBay, and Toddler Vegan has found any imaginative uses for them, such as cooking soup for the dinosaurs, and using them as soil for a digger (ladle) to pick up.

Nature and animal felt play sets and books.  Blogger 'doing my eco best' muses that fuzzy felt may be the oldest and most eco-friendly toy. They found out that fuzzy felt is made from synthetic fibre (oil), and that a box they bought in a charity shop was made in 1967. Since it lasts so well, fuzzy felt has the potential to be recycled by passing it down. It seems possible to get rolls of felt which are made from: recycled plastic, cork or bamboo.  However, beware!  Some felt is made from sheep's wool.


Ideas for creating fish

From I Love Felt Under the Sea by Make Believe Ideas

State that they 'do not harm animals or people'.  Amusing but meaningless ethical statement.

24 pages


Under the Sea I Love Felt Make Believe Ideas- sealife ocean fish
Activity books
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