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London Children's Map

Plant based baby bants.  Top tips for vegan children, their parents or guardians.  London little one map of fun.

Shakspeare Walk, Stoke Newington, London, N16

Islington and Hackney Vegan Families group


Family kitchen dance party time

It wasn't until I had a child that I discovered the musical genre 'children's folk music'.  Not all of it is shrill or annoying.  Music can put us in a better mood and make us dance.  It can also help empathise with the artist.  Song lyrics (like all media) are one way babies absorb narratives and form their world view.  This was my thinking when I compiled a playlist for baby of things I approved of!  Here it is on Spotify.  

Acoustic Guitar



SOS  from the kids

A call to act for the climate crisis on youtube.


Folk duo couple with originals and covers for children and adults.

Megson Little Bird video

Little Bird and When I Was A Lad children's albums on Spotify

The Crayonettes

One folk and one punk singer-song-writer-mothers got together in evenings to write about things their children said.

Playing Out- Songs for Children and Robots on Spotify

Sarah Pirtle

Sarah Pirtle has released several albums for children on a range of topics, including a science album with a song about quarks.  She has written a book about education for the Center for Partnership Studies and teaches conflict transformation in schools.  

Sarah Pirtle children's song lyrics

Sarah Pirtle on Spotify

Children's Music Network

Children's folk music has a 'scene' in America.  Many people belong to the Children's Music Network.  The network gives an annual Magic Penny Award to performers contemporary or older.  There is a Gentle Winds children's label

World Music

Putumayo have a range of children's world music compilations which can be found on Spotify.  They also produce activity books. 

Tots Tunes

Hackney based interactive concerts with a cello and djembe.  Originals, folk and world music.

You can listen to and download the Tots Tunes on Bandcamp

Mindfulness Songs

Songs from a mindfulness in schools project (which we discovered through Family Sangha).  Wake Up Schools music with lyrics and guitar tutorials.  Also on Soundcloud.  The performer also has his own music on Spotify

Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation grown up's music.  Also on Youtube and Spotify.

Woodcraft Folk Songs

Song book for an alternative version of Scouts and Guides.


Vegan Poetry

Rainbow Gathering Lyrics

Some super hippie things which I think I first encountered when I travelled in ecovillages.  See also 'Dances of Universal Peace'.



Alternative school movement.  They like elves etc.  Waldorf School Songs website


Aurora Orchestra- Often at Kings Place Kings Cross, London

Tots Gigs- Sutton House, Hackney, London

Daylight Music- Union Chapel, London N1 (not specifically for children but children welcome)

Bach to Baby- various place in the UK

Piccolo Concerts- st Margarets House Bethnal Green