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A mobile friendly map can be found here on the Mapstr website/ app.

London Kids | map: HTML Embed


Follow the maps on mobiles with Mapstr.

Kids London map

Map of London parks: This London green spaces map includes the best children's parks in London with the best London playgrounds.  You can also find local playgrounds 'near me' with the map, which has spread out from Islington and Hackney.  It also includes: nature reserves, community gardens and other green spaces.  

Playgrounds cafes: Find cafes with play areas, or near play areas all over London, and near you.  Baby friendly cafes with: toys/ high chairs/ nappy changing. 

Museums of London map and London galleries map: Child friendly museums, art galleries with family workshops, theatres with plays for children, libraries. 

Vegan London: Of course, you can also find vegan cafes and shops in London.  A great place for vegans is Hackney, our former home. 

Visit a list of top tourist landmarks.

Good Journey explains how to reach places with public transport.

Ordnance Survey also have an illustrated children's London map.

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London Kids | map: About Us
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