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Childrens Vegan Gift Guide: plastic free and eco friendly

Updated: Feb 25

In this kids vegan gift guide you can find:

vegan play food,

toys with animals in their natural habitats,

plant based art materials,

vegan children's books,

and stocking- filler toiletries, shoes and coats, which you might have planned to buy anyway.

We buy vegan versions of books and toys to counteract the messages we encounter in the predominantly not-yet vegan world. It helps to demonstrate gentle, outwardly focussed and responsible values in our home, even if we don't always live up to them. General gifts can often be found in second hand shops, or in a library; but specifically vegan things are easier to buy from the internet. I also liked these seasonal articles from George Monbiot and Humane Education.

Kids vegan gifts

Buying nothing

We believe spending time with loved ones can bring more lasting memories, and bring you closer together than presents. It also saves the planet's resources and our home storage space. This is why my partner, brother and I agree not to buy one another presents. My child is also not yet of an age where they request presents; we are savouring this time and not buying them anything either. We don't want Baby Vegan to evaluate love based on things... But since I don't have proper job I thought I'd cash in on Christmas anyway....

Go on an outing

At the present moment it is not always easy to see people! So why not chat and play with a video call? If you are able to meet, then you can find eco attractions around the country, and places to go in London and Lancaster in Vegan Family Guide. The Ordnance Survey downloadable map app could be a good present, or family English Heritage membership.

Holiday in a vegan place

Booking.com is offering 30% off certain stays until the 31st December, which you could use to book Stonewater house. Hotels.com sell gift cards, which can be redeemed at La Suite West, or Kings Reach. You can find more vegan, family friendly places to stay in Vegan Family Guide.

Donate to a vegan cause

You could sponsor an animal in a sanctuary, or visit a sanctuary one day. Alternatively, you could make a donation to a vegan development charity, do something like Oxfam Unwrapped, or find another cause the individual in question cares about. While your at it, you could sign one of these vegan parent's campaigns.

Recycling by buying second hand

Save the Earth's resources, and your pocket by not creating yet more unnecessary clutter. Here are some second hand shops to try: Oxfam Online, Preloved, and eBay. In eBay, you can can find second hand things by selecting 'used' under the 'condition' tab on the left. Find more second hand shop ideas in Vegan Family Guide.

Digital vegan gift voucher cards

A digital gift card allows someone to buy what they need, such as some groceries. This could be handy for a new parent. For example, the newborn Baby Vegan was given a lot of hats, but never wore them since they had a hood. Of course, we were very grateful, but had we been given vouchers we could have added some variety. Equally, we would have been happy with not to hear from people at all, or to have no presents, or to be given some tinned food so as we didn't have to shop or cook.

Vegan vouchers: TheVeganKindSupermarket, GreenBay (supermarket), Wearth London (boutique), Balade en Provence (toiletries), (use code PROVENCE10 for 10% off), or LaBante London (handbags).

Ethical gift cards: Ethical Superstore, Natural Collection, Social Supermarket, or Funky Skincare (use code LWW10 for 10% off).

Book tokens: Foyles, Waterstones.

Baby shopping vouchers: Bebemoda, Scandiborn

Vegan play food toys and real children's safety knives

Here's where to find plant based pretend food to complement your real life diet, including: printable wholefoods, play vegetables, play fruit, and a vegan foods card game. The safety knife and learning tower can be used to make edible food. Find more ideas in the Vegan Family Guide toys, dining, and picnic pages. Click the images to visit the shops.

Toy animals in their natural habitats

In these play scenes, animals are in the places they like to live; as opposed to farms, zoos or aquariums. In this way, natural ecology is normalised, as opposed to animal captivity . More play scenes can be found on the reusable stickers, felt and magnets page. Click the images to visit the shops.

Vegan art materials for children

Non- vegan art materials can contain ingredients such as: bone, bladders or insect secretions. This is a list of plant- based and plastic- free alternatives from the Vegan Family Guide art page. Click the images to visit the shops. The Art Discount shop also includes a vegan section with various tins of professional coloured pencils, and recycled sketchbooks. You could combine vegan art materials with a vegan colouring book or vegan colouring sheet.

Vegan books for children

Vegan Family Guide organised vegan children's books into age and topic categories, including different types of stories, colouring, poetry, and recipes, so as you can chose the book which is most appropriate for you. Vegan kids books feature gentle role models who have the strength of character to show how humans and animals can get on. Unlike mainstream children's books, they do not present farms as friendly places.

The Vegan Kind vegan shop stocks some vegan children's books, vegan children's colouring books, parenting and cookery books.

Free vegan kids books

Vegan Family Guide has a dedicated page for free vegan children's colouring sheets to download. You could use this to make your own book. These vegan children's books are available for free download too: I Live in a Hut, From my Little Hut in the Forest, Violets Vegan Comics,