Parenting for peace: Encouraging kindness toward non-human animals and human animals.

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Quickly answer all your anti-violence, vegan and eco parenting questions in one non-judgy place. 

Leisure: Maps of vegan family holidays, children's outings in London and the Lake District, list of vegan parents groups.

Learning: Vegan printable activities, books, peaceful videos and music, green stickers, art materials and toys.

Lifestyle: Parent, baby and children's vegan products, vegan kids shoes and clothes, other parent bloggers.

Vegan Family Guide is the website I wanted as a new vegan parent/ guardian:

It's designed to make it easy to research every aspect of raising a vegan family;

from having a healthy vegan pregnancy, and caring for your vegan baby, to entertaining your vegan children.​​

Inspiration is drawn from my background in: sustainability, childcare and education, as well as my own experiences being a vegan mother.  To live with warmth is to bring a kind and cuddly glow wherever you go.

Vegan family guide title page picture

Featured in:

  • The Vegan Society
  • Veganuary
  • Bright Zine
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  • parent influencer My Bump 2 Baby
  • BBC Radio Lancashire