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Quickly answer all your anti-violence, vegan and eco parenting questions in one non-judgy place.

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To parent for peace is to actively encourage kindness toward all beings. To live with warmth is to bring a cosy glow wherever you go. 

Connect, observe, adapt and try to get enough sleep.

Here are some handy links: Center for Partnership Systems, Permaculture Parenting, Nonviolent Communication, Attachment Parenting.

Vegan family guide title page picture

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  • The Vegan Society
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  • Mush Mums
  • parent influencer My Bump 2 Baby



I tend to think my baby is the best baby in the world, which clearly qualifies me to tell others what to do. 

As soon as I gave birth, I became a smug competitive monster stamping on milestones everywhere.

Before that I worked in sustainability and education.

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