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How parents can save plastic

When I shopped for my new baby, all the products available on the local high street were packaged in plastic. I decided to make an online one-stop-shop for other parents who want to be eco friendly and reduce their plastic use; without spending precious time researching how. Hence, Vegan Family Guide lists organic, Fairtrade and cruelty free baby and kid’s products.

Plastic free family bathroom products

I was surprised to find the nappy cream and nipple balm I bought in preparation while pregnant contained ‘cera alba’ which means bee’s wax, or ‘lanolin’ which means sheep’s wool. My aim is to help other new vegan parents avoid these pitfalls. The website shows a range of vegan products such as: children’s shampoo bars, toothpaste jars and vitamins which contain non- animal derived vitamin D.

Potty training babies

Many baby products are unnecessary, and we saved money by buying less or secondhand. This is an easy way to be environmentally friendly. Another way is to save nappies by potty training your baby, while they are still a baby. I have an article and a new course about how good this has been for us. It mentions how to choose wool and plastic- free biodegradable and cloth nappies.

Plastic free family activities

As my baby grew into a toddler I started to have more ethical questions: I found out where to buy plastic free and vegan art materials (without animal colourings), toys and reusable stickers. I’m currently running giveaways for a biodegradable jigsaw and biodegradable vegan school shoes.

Plastic free food

Everyone likes food, vegans included. For Chinese New Year, my husband cooked a meal for the eco community we live in, and I wrote a blog about plastic free grocery shopping. When parties are possible again, plastic free parents could look into cutlery hire and biodegradable ready made vegan cake.

Other ethical businesses might be interested in my sustainable business resources list.

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