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Eco community family- a toddling tour

Updated: Feb 25

Here's my 'day in the life' diary about life in a cohousing eco community with a toddler, and why communal living is great for children:


Some background:

Our family ran away from the London lockdown to squat at my in law's in the North. Suddenly it had become feasible for Daddy Vegan to live outside London and still work. We paused for a while, and thought that it would be nice to have some people to talk to. We got used to the new idea of having a garden and safe streets. I remembered my previous single hippy life visiting ecovillage communities, and reading about cohousing.

We thought to ourselves that perhaps our adventures don't have to be over just because we've grown up. We can still try new things and grow into better people. We can still be a bit irresponsible.

So, we signed up to join a cohousing project... and then another! Baby Vegan has never been happier.


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