Vegan Kid's Birthday Cakes

We're not so into birthdays in our house... but I imagine we'll be dragged into them soon enough.
Here's how to save yourself some hassle:

My Granny's birthday we recently ordered the same meal to be sent to each of our houses: The Brook Kitchen meals from TheVeganKind Supermarket.  I had to pay more than expected for refrigerated delivery, but, well, what else is there to buy in lockdown?

Birthday Cake
Birthday Celebration



Make your own birthday cake

Vegan caterers near me

Vegan Catering and Cakes made to order

Vegan caterers and cake makers are advertised here:

Veggie Catering

Love of All Weddings

Vegan Weddings

The Kind Bride

Vegan Original Weddings

Ask about their vegan birthday cake offerings.

Or try a local cafe

Ready Made Vegan Cakes & Cake Mix

Some cake mixes are gluten and sugar free, and organic

Ready made cakes at TheVeganKind made by Oggs with biodegradable packaging

Cake mix at TheVeganKind

Reusable Party Kit Hire

Single use plastic free tableware to rent:

Zero Waste Near Me

Vegan Party Bags