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Vegan Kids Shoes: Prize draws and reviews closes 26th Feb

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Vegan Kids Shoes: Prize draws and reviews

We’re giving away three pairs of vegan kid’s shoes from: Young Soles (worth £56 to £98), Happy Little Soles (worth £12.99 to £65), or Will’s Vegan Shoes (worth £59 to £63). Three people will win one of these quality prizes each. To enter the draw, complete the form with your full name and email address.

I’ve reviewed the prize shoe shops in this post, and you can see many more on the Vegan Family Guide vegan kids shoes page.

The draw is open to UK residents aged 18+. Winners will be chosen at random. The closing date is 11.59pm on 26th February 2021, UK time. One entry per household. Scroll down for the terms and conditions, or click the tab at the bottom of the form.

Vegan parent's shoes of choice: What are your vegan kids shoes views? Exchange suggestions with other vegan parents by adding a comment below, or vote for your favourite. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

Vegan Kids Shoes: Vegan children’s shoes are non- leather child size shoes. They do not contain: suede, wool, fur or animal- based glues either. Vegan shoes seem like the most popular topic in vegan parent’s groups, which is why I thought some of you might like to win a pair!

Children’s shoe sizing: Through researching this article I have learnt a bit more about footwear. For example, did you know that preschoolers have flat, triangular feet, which are wider at the toes?

Happy Little Soles have lots of advice for measuring foot length and width, and converting this into shoe sizes. Before the age of five, children grow about two sizes per year, and then one size per year, until they stop growing in their teens. You can find out the average shoe size for different ages of children here.

When to buy first shoes: In a baby’s first year, their feet grow an average of three sizes. Luckily, however, there is no reason to squash baby feet into shoes; our baby wore snowsuits with inbuilt feet, and others are carried in babywearing coats. Shoes come into play once a baby wants to walk outside.

How to dispose of used shoes: Read about ways to recycle shoes here, and find a local recycling bank here. Find second hand shops and swaps here. Wills Vegan Store say they will soon launch a free recycling service for customers to return their used purchases for them to be turned into new outsoles. They currently upcycle or donate returns which cannot be re-worn.


I was given samples of shoes by each sponsor to try out and review.

Young Soles: Hip boutique

Chestnut Sandals

Sizes: The shoes come in UK baby size 4/ Euro 20, child and junior to teen UK 7.5/ Euro 40. The page for each individual shoe has a tab to explain the sizing.

Prices: £56 to £98.

Sustainability: The shoes are made in Portugal. The upper and lining are recyclable. Toddler Vegan says: Toddler Vegan (aged 2) enjoyed taking the shoes in and out of the box, which looks like a briefcase, and waved them at Grandparents on a video call. However, they have not mastered the buckles. In the present season, we favour pull-on snow boots or rain boots.

My experience: The T Bar Shoes on the website remind me (age 33) of some favourite red ones I had as a child. I remember sitting cross legged in assembly and admiring them, while fiddling with the buckles. Some styles have pretty cut out butterfly details too, which I definitely would have gone for.

Styles: Sandals, T Bar Shoes and Brogue Boots.

The shoes come in a range of fashionable, calm colours (muted yellows, greens, reds, pinks, browns, whites, navy, or black). These would fit well in a Scandi or Waldorf themed playroom.

Occasions: The bright Sandals or T Bar Shoes could be coordinated with a birthday party outfit. There are black T Bar Shoes and Brogue Boots for school, which still have a little tread despite being fancy.

Practicality: The shoes can be hand washed. Apparently the materials wear well, and are waterproof, but the shoes do have decorative holes. The shoes are wide enough to fit toes in comfortably, which is important for developing feet.

However, I wouldn’t recommend them for activities like climbing around a slippery rock pool. Also, the fastenings could take time to put on a wiggly little one. The company is working on some more affordable designs.

Happy Little Soles: Outdoorsy, barefoot shoes

Vivobarefoot Primus Sport

Vegan range currently on sale.

Sizes: UK child size 1 to 13, and junior size 1 to 6. You can select options for wide and narrow fits on the sidebar. The website also has detailed guides for sizing, and a sizing tool.

Prices: £12.99 to £65. The pictured shoes cost £60.

Sustainability: We choose Vivobarefoot Primus Sport, which are made in Vietnam from plastic bottles. Happy Little Soles delivery is by Royal Mail or courier, with paper packaging.

Toddler Vegan says: Toddler Vegan chose this fizzy lime colour themself, stating ‘green one’. Toddler Vegan has been able to take the shoes on and off again easily, and they look like they would stay on well. There is a very soft and flexible ankle section, and simple velcro fastening.

Toddler Vegan prefers to be barefoot around the house, and it took them time to learn to walk with shoes or socks on. Considering this, the barefoot philosophy makes sense to me. The idea is that feeling the ground under your feet aids balance, builds muscle, and provides a sensory play experience.

My experience: I’ve always been curious about barefoot shoes because I enjoy the feel of pebbles beneath my feet in summer… but never got so far as to try them. Having read further now, two of my concerns were unfounded: the materials in the shoes we have are puncture resistant, and other types are designed for cold weather. The shoes have an intricate tread for slip resistance, where I had imagined they might be flat. Reading more about barefoot walking has made me wonder if my feet lost muscle when I had a chronic illness. Perhaps this is one reason why I currently wear arch support insoles (orthotics) for my rolling in feet (overpronation- I’ve just learnt these words); and I’m now wondering if barefoot shoes could help improve my gate.

Styles: We chose the trainers, but Happy Little Soles stocks various brands of shoes and boots, including: Pediped trainers, Stonz booties, Tikki Kids barefoot fabric shoes, and Bogs waterproof, barefoot boots.

Occasions: These bright coloured shoes are perfect for outdoors or playgroups. The black Freet Juniors could be worn to school.

Practicality: Our Vivobarefoot shoes are wipe clean only, and not waterproof. However, other styles are waterproof and can be laundered- check the website. The collection is curated to only include the most foot- healthy styles.

Wills Vegan Store: Sustainable school shoes

NY Sneakers

Sizes: UK 10/ EU 28 to UK 6/ EU 39.

Prices: £59 to £63.

Sustainability: All the kids shoes are manufactured in Italy. The biodegradable, faux leather is made from organic cereal crops, grown by a carbon neutral process in Northern Europe, and converted into bio oil. Delivery is certified carbon neutral via offsetting, and packaging is sustainable. A new service will launch for sending back worn out purchases to be recycled into new shoes.

Toddler Vegan says: I bought very big shoes for Toddler Vegan to grow into.

My experience: If you’re a long term vegan, you’ve probably heard of Wills Vegan Store. I’ve had several pairs of waterproof shoes, which have lasted me for a few years. Currently, I wear Will’s walking boots on a daily basis because Lancashire is wet and cold on a daily basis. Toddler Vegan’s shoes never fit them for years, but it’s nice to think they could withstand acrobatic feats and still be passed down to friends.

Styles: We chose the lace sneakers because they would do for formal or casual wear, are a bit more rounded on the toe and have no heel. You can also choose from: velcro Strap Shoes and Ballerinas, or laced Brogues and Derbies.

Occasions: All the shoes are black, and so would suit any outfit: school, funeral, or typical teenage attire. My child is more likely to pick rainbows and sparkles, however.

Practicality: All the kids shoes are water resistant and wipe clean. The velcro strap shoes and kids brogues have a deep textured tread. Laces might take time to do up, but could be replaced with stretchy coloured ones on the sneakers.

Giveaway terms and conditions:

The draw opens on the 26th January 2021, and closes at 11.59pm on the 26th February 2021, UK time.

To enter, complete the form with your full name and email address so we can contact you, using the form. No purchase necessary.

Entry is restricted to one entry per household. Entrants must be UK resident adults aged over 18.

Three winners will win one pair of vegan children’s shoes each from the shop allocated to you. Winners can choose any pair from the available stock in the vegan kid’s range at the shop they are given, with postage included. Prizes cannot be transferred to someone else, and there is no cash or other alternative. You cannot swap to a different shop.

If the shop doesn’t have your child’s size, then ask for a larger size and wait to grow into it.

Winners will be chosen at random by Vegan Family Guide, using

Your details will be deleted after the competition prizes are distributed.

Winners will be notified within 7 days of the closing date, and given 28 days to respond and claim their prize. You will be sent an email, with the shoe company copied in. You will then need to let them know which shoes you want, and your postal address.

The shoe shop sponsors will notify Vegan Family Guide, and the winners when they have dispatched the prizes. Prizes will be sent by tracked post or courier, and should arrive within 28 days of the winner requesting them. The shops are responsible for sending the prizes.

Winners will be announced if they agree by email for us to do so, but have the right to refuse permission. We would love it if you make your own social posts for us to share, but there is no requirement to do so. If the Advertising Standards Authority requests the name of the winner we will have to share this with them, but they would not share it any further.

The promoters are Vegan Family Guide (LA2 6FD), in collaboration with:

Young Soles, 451 Wick Lane, London, E3 2TB.

Wills Vegan Shoes, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH.

Happy Little Soles, Unit 11 Pool Bank Business Park, High Street, Tarvin, CHester, CH3 8JH.

This giveaway is not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed or administered by a social media platform, even if the link is shared.

This prize draw is governed by English law and the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising in connection to it.

In other news:

Comment with YOUR VIEWS about shoes:

Do you have a favourite vegan children's shoe? Please comment below with your top vegan children's shoe tips to help other vegan parents, or vote for your favourite.

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