Vegan Family Guide

London Children's Map

Plant based baby bants.  Top tips for vegan children, their parents or guardians.  London little one map of fun.

Shakspeare Walk, Stoke Newington, London, N16

Islington and Hackney Vegan Families group


Vegan learning and teaching resources

Materials to use at home, such as: vegan colouring sheets, vegan puzzles, and vegan card games.  Lesson plans for schools.  If you work with children in any capacity you may like to join our Vegan Teachers LinkedIn group. 

Where to find advice for reaching an understanding with your school now that veganism is a protected belief.  For example, negotiate alternatives to hatching projects; where chicks are hatched from eggs in school; and how to request vegan school meals. 

Children coloring



The Vegan Society lessons

Printable activity and info cards, teaching ideas for older children.

Campaign for vegan school meals and advice on communicating with your school

Alternatives to Hatching Projects

Lesson suggestions: worksheets, projects, videos, books from United Poultry Concerns

Animal Aid posters and activities

A range of materials:

Primary: Top Trumps, poems posters and other posters, lesson plans, hatching projects factsheet

Secondary: Lesson plans, videos

Young People: Videos, factsheets, leaflets, booklets for campaigning

School speaker service

TeachKind worksheets

Colouring, word searches, reading worksheets.  Unfortunately made by Peta.

Resource to give to children's teachers

'My Vegan Child' is a booklet in which vegan parents explain how to be considerate toward vegan children.  Includes many links to learning resources.  They also have a website

Mini lesson & meal planning from a teacher

Violet's Vegan Comics puzzles

Liz C

Healthy diet colouring healthy diet plate- need to pay to order

Primary Vegucation

A teaching and learning consultant for schools. 

Grow Up Vegan 

Humane Society- range of topics and resources

A 'solutionary' resource bank and teacher training programme. 

Teach Hearth

Library with lessons and activities, videos and webinars.