Vegan learning materials & vegan teaching resources
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Materials for vegan children to use at home for vegan home education, such as: vegan colouring sheets, crafts, vegan maths puzzles, vegan literacy worksheets, lessons about animal needs and feelings, and practical activities.  Roots and Shoots event suggest a two week vegan homeschool schedule.


These can also be lesson plans for schools.  Read more about vegan vegan school inclusions campaigns.  If you work with children in any capacity you may like to join our Vegan Teachers LinkedIn group. 

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Children coloring
humane education UK



Vegan Colouring Sheets

Find more colouring on the Vegan Colouring Books page for more humane education

Vegan colouring sheets, vegan learning resources
Vegan colouring sheet, vegan learning resources

Nature Makers

Craft workshop hosts

Vivi the Supervegan

Vegan children's book

Kiki's Heart

Maze, word search, book cover colouring, cut-out characters, notepaper to write your own story on.  Vegan children's activities here

Colouring, maze download activity books about a dog and cat.  

Vegan children's book

Sheena is a Vegan

Vegan children's book

vegan colouring sheet, vean learning resources

Earth the Sea Turtle

Vegan children's book

Sea Shepherd

Animal rights organisation

Hermonie Wild


TeachKind worksheets

Animal rights organisation



Fruits and vegetables colouring page to buy download

Violet's Vegan Comics


Colour by nutrients colouring book, 

World of Vegan

Colour by nutrients colouring book,  colouring pages and chimp drawing instructional video


Roots & Shoots Jane Goodall

Safe Animal Squad

Vegetarian Resources Group


Vegan children's crafts: cutting and sticking

also have a look at Rainbow Family Craft, made by a vegan

Vivi the Supervegan

Vegan children's book.

Maze, word search, book cover colouring, cut-out characters, note paper to write your own story on.

vean learnig resources

Clever Coconuts

Safe Animal Squad

Vegan children's puzzles- primary maths


Violet's Vegan Comics puzzles

Vegan children's book.

Soduku, crossword, activity instructions, Colouring book

Writing & colouring comprehension story board & poster

Writing and colouring sessions for age 5 to 11: 1 on kindness, 2 a pigeon, and 3 a cat.

Primary: Top Trumps, poems posters and other posters, lesson plans, hatching projects factsheet

Secondary: Lesson plans, videos

Young People: Videos, factsheets, leaflets, booklets for campaigning

Vegan school speaker service

Word Searches

Letter and word recognition:

Eartha the Sea Turtle word scramble and word search.

Vivi the Supervegan book word search. and creative writing template

Peta Kids word searches: halloween and spring.


Violet's Vegan Comics protein crossword for food technology primary or secondary

and vegan crossword

Animal Aid animal rights crosswords 1 questions and answers, and 2 questions and answers



Vegan kid's activities- primary literacy



English language worksheets- nouns and verbs

Writing prompt worksheets

Vivi the Supervegan book word search. and creative writing template

TeachKind persuasive writing worksheets:

Opinion writing worksheet difficulty level- K, 1-2, 3-5, Spanish

Factual writing worksheets:

Informative writing worksheet: K, K, 1-2, 1-2, 3-5

TeachKind: persuasive posters for cat and dog companion animals in English and Spanish

Safe Animal Squad

Video & discussion

from Peta's Teach Kind

Squirrel saving

Chicken saving

Blowfish friends

Deer rescue

The private life of deer

The videos can be used for a philosophical discussion about feelings and needs, adn why we rescue some animals but not others.

Sort by year group and topic, including PHSE, Citizenship, English, Science, Maths, History, Design Technology.

Explore animals needs and feelings, and how to help them.

Animal's Needs




Do Terra workbook

Make fizzing bath bombs

Make play dough

Middle/ High school Environment and art vegan lesson plans. from Farm Sanctuary

Secondary: My Vegan Child links to dissection alternatives


Humane Society checklist

Roots and Shoots youth activism ideas

Violet's Vegan Comics helping board game

The OG Vegan Kindness bingo

Humane Education What Does a Humane World Look Like? Visioning lesson and free solutionary guidebook

Roots and Shoots mindful kindness, one click actions, project planning


Humane Society crafts for animals

Violet's Vegan Comics crafts and cooking activities

Teach Heart clay animal feelings

Bodhi Tree nursery story book videos with activities

Barn Sanctuary have various activity suggestions

Humane Education Who Am I


The Vegan Society lesson plans series for secondary school students

Animal Aid

Food top trump cards

Eatwell plate poster


Liz C

Healthy vegan diet colouring healthy diet plate

and healthy eating sticker chart- need to pay to order

Lean and Green Kids run workshops in USA schools

Pledges and posters

Grow Up Vegan certificate and vegan poster

Animal Aid Animal Kind pledge poster and class pledge form

Everyone matters poster, Animals and us poster, dog and pig poster 

Peta Teach Kind kind student award

and kindness pledge in English or Spanish


The Young Vegan is a website for young vegans

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