Quick to put on baby clothes.  Recycled vegan children's coats.  Fairtrade and organic children's clothes. Shoes page here.

And finally, soft crash helmet for babies who have just learn to stand and keep falling over.  Ours wore one for a couple of months.

Baby Vegan wore baby-grows and pram suits with a two-way zip until they were a toddler, as this is so much quicker than poppers.  Built-in socks mean you can't lose socks, and in the Wondersuit they can be turned out for barefoot walking/ crawling practice.  No tummy flesh flapping out making Baby Vegan cold.  Baby also wears a zipped hoodie.  The hood means we don't lose hats, and it doubles as reins.  The zip makes it easier to take on and off.  

Once Baby Vegan's legs grew longer they started to wear trousers with their training pants, as this is easier for the baby toilet training.

Baby Playing with Abacus
Image by Rohit Farmer



Babygrows with two way zip

Babygrow by Boody.  Two- way zip, built-in feet, fold over mittens.  Organic, bamboo, neutral tones.  Planet Organic- UK

Wondersuit by Bonds.  Two- way zip, fold over feet and mittens.  Neutral or gendered. Some ethics.

John Lewis- UK


Some babygrows have zip, feet and are organic

Ethical shops

Vegan children's coats

Toddling safety helmet

Available at Kiddies Kingdom


Male Mallard

Baby wears this whenever it is clean, and will often pull it out of the washing machine and wave it at me.


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