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Vegan parents unite! Join new vegan school campaigns...

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Here are a few vegan parent's projects. Do you know of any more? Please comment below.


Vegan Inclusive Schools

Add your child's school to the map to demonstrate how many vegan children there are in the UK (anonymous). It will also collate best practice in vegan inclusion, which can be copied elsewhere. This information will be used for a campaign at a later date. In the meantime, you can show your school the vegan inclusion tips in the template letter. You could also show your teacher Vegan Family Guide's learning resources and books pages.

Feed Our Future

Support for founcils, schools and colleges to offer plant based meals.


Plant- based options in every school

Add your name to this petition for schools to serve a vegan food option at meal times. It has nearly reached the goal of 5000 signatures. You can also buy the book Veducated for your teacher, and visit the Primary Veducation consultation website to find out about school training and consultations.

There is also a new vegan school meals factory.

Video interviews and school campaign

UK Veganfamily is a Youtube channel where different vegans are interviewed about vegan family life. They too are starting a schools project to start soon, and will interview the founder of the petition and Veducated book on Saturday.


Conversations with Vegan Parents is a new podcast

Listen to four different vegan parents discuss topical issues, such as being plant- based at Christmas. Vegan Family Guide also has a kids vegan gift guide.


My Vegan Child website and free booklet offer ideas for vegan classroom resources, books and videos.

Online events

Vegan Kids Festival is holding some free online events for children.


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