Social groups for vegan families on Facebook, Meetup and Yahoo where you can meet people local to you.

While social media companies often rely on the advertising revenue of racists, they have some uses.  There are several groups in London, including our own Islington and Hackney Vegan Families.  Meet other: vegan babies, vegan toddlers, vegan children, vegan mums, vegan dads, vegan grandparents, etc.  Or join our Vegan Teachers LinkedIn group if you work with children in any capacity.

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Vegan social networks family groups

London vegan family Facebook groups

London vegan mums

London vegan families

Islington and Hackney vegan families

vegan/ vegetarian families in Kent/ Southeast London

Local UK vegan family Facebook groups

Birmingham vegan parents

Bolton and area vegan parents and children

vegan families around Brighton

Bristol​ vegan parents

vegan and vegetarian families  Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire

vegan parents in Colchester and surrounding areas

Cornwall​ vegan parents

vegan and vegetarian parents in Devon

Ely area vegan parents 

Gloucestershire vegan families​

Hampshire vegetarian and vegan families

vegan parents in Hull & East Riding​

vegan/ vegetarian families in Kent/ Southeast London

Kent​ vegan parenting

Lancashire and Cumbria Vegan Parents

Leeds vegan families group

Leicestershire​ vegan families

vegan parents Plymouth

vegan mums & dads of Nottingham

Nottinghamshire vegan families

vegan parenting North East England

Norwich vegan mums (& dads)

St Albans vegetarian families

vegan parenting in Scotland

vegan/ vegetarian parents Suffolk

Swansea vegan & vegetarian families

UK vegan family Meetup group

London vegan families

UK vegan family Yahoo groups

veg parents UK

vegan families Brighton

veg parents Midlands

veg parents North West

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Look up #veganhour for general (not parent) vegan conversations at 7pm on Tuesdays in U.K. time  To find local tweets, search 'vegan' nearby in advanced search, or with the town name.

Ireland vegan family Facebook groups

vegetarian and vegan parents Cork

vegan families in Ireland

vegetarian, vegan and semi-vegetarian families in Ireland

Hong Kong vegan family Facebook group

Hong Kong vegan families

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