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Recognition and Press Coverage 

Vegan Family Guide was featured in print by: The Vegan Society, Veganuary, and Bright Zine, in a video interview for Mush, and audio interviews for BBC Radio Lancashire and more.  

The guide is an Exploratree Top BloggerMyBump2Baby Favourite Blogger, and official Ethical Influencer.


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Helen, Vegan Family Guide
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Press coverage


Baby Led Pottying course and consultancy with In Vegans We Trust.  Content is based on Helen and her child's personal journey, includes vegan products and childcare industry advice.  Claim your press free sample coupon, and reader discount.

Eco, reusable sticker books- a page which is popular and unique. made when my child had a sticker fixation.

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Vegan Family Guide is the website Helen wanted as a new vegan mum


Surprised to find one didn't exist, she started it herself in 2018.  Now with more experience, Helen, 34, has added an online course about how she potty trained her newborn baby, and mistakes made buying plant- based baby bum balm.  The website was written in London, where Helen currently lives with her partner and toddler, also vegan.  (They also spent some time in an eco community)

Helen asked the same questions as all vegan parents/ guardians having a baby for the first time.  Vegan Family Guide emerged from her personal notebook, with the aim of providing comprehensive and simply organised answers.  It's about more than diet; but every aspect of lifestyle, learning and leisure.

Product: All products mentioned are vegan, and most are also zero waste, organic and recycled.  The site suggests (cruelty free) tips and activities, and maps for holidays and day trips.  Vegan Family Guide aims to be your partner in compassionate plant powered parenting. 

Quote: Helen says she has learnt: 'The most important thing to do, in my opinion, is to hone the skills for deep observation by tuning in and connecting with your child... Above all, let yourself love your child, and let them know they're loved. '

Bio: Inspiration is drawn from Helen's background in sustainability, childcare and education.  However, life as an everyday parent living in a sustainable settlement informs most of the content.  Writing is a passion which Helen has carried through from childhood, she recalls:

Quote: 'One of the first books I wrote was a crayon scribbled guide to local playgrounds.  I was reminded of this while pregnant, and resurrected the idea as the children's activity maps in Vegan Family Guide.'


Developments: Following the success of the website, Helen now also has: a lifestyle consultancy and online course with In Vegans We Trust, a video channel with OhSo, and blog feed with Beyond Animal- all newly launched vegan social networks.  In the future, Helen would like to keep working on the website, and create more courses.  You can also find resources for other vegan startups on the website too.  

References: Vegan Family Guide has been recommended by The Vegan Society and Veganuary.  The parent's app Mush described Helen as a 'gentle and eco-friendly mum... talking about the little things that you can do to be raising your child in the most environmentally sympathetic way.'  

Call to action: Use your exclusive discount code to register for the course. 



Name: Helen.  Age: 30s.  Location: London, UK.

Becoming vegan: Helen went vegan 16 years ago.  As a preschooler, she asked her mother what her sausage was.  When told, she expressed disappointment.  After thinking for a while, she suggested 'couldn't they just cut a bit off the animal's bum'?  It wasn't a surprise when Helen became a vegetarian aged 10, influenced by two friends and an aunt.  Giving up milk later helped her to recover from M.E/ C.F.S.   Aged 17, Helen's student teacher took her to Animal Aid for homework research.  There she learnt about the egg industry and started becoming a vegan.  Her commitment was strengthened by later training, and jobs teaching environmental studies and social justice.

Home life: Helen, her partner (Daddy Vegan) and child (Little Vegan) enjoy chatting around a sandpit.  They also like: bike rides, getting new picture books from the library, and making volcanoes out of anything they can find.  Daddy Vegan and Helen met at a vegan potluck event, ran some vegan supper clubs together, and had a budget, teetotal vegan wedding.  

Professional past: Helen studied BSc Environmental Geography and International Development, and short courses in Ecovillage Design and Peace Journalism.  She did work experience in various types of learning settings and communities.  Actual paid jobs were in: Fairtrade campaigning, adult education, childcare and family learning. 

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