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London Children's Map

Plant based baby bants.  Top tips for vegan children, their parents or guardians.  London little one map of fun.

Shakspeare Walk, Stoke Newington, London, N16

Islington and Hackney Vegan Families group

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Women’s Security in Activist Groups- Feminist and Women's Studies Association

Updated: Mar 1

Trigger warning- measures to prevent sexual assault

I have learnt that people who are politically conscious in one way are not necessarily socially conscious, or even friendly.  Class activist circles can become old boys clubs, and peace camps can become safe havens for sexual harassers. Pollution pressure groups can make dirty remarks, and non-human animal liberation campaign materials can dehumanise women. Even humanitarian relief teams are routinely reminded how not to sexually exploit people.  Activists in general can resist distance figures of authority, while coercion and dominance take place closer to home.