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Good afternoon-nap-time-panic-search/ early-morning-feed-time-keeping-yourself-awake-by-browsing.  I've been there too.  Let me help you to quickly and easily answer your vegan pregnancy, baby care, and child raising questions while you have a moment.

Vegan Family Guide covers all aspects of lifestyle, learning and leisure- from an ethical angle.  I provide comprehensive information, but which is readable and simply organised, based on my own experience as a vegan mother.

It started with my own hapless shop for sustainable baby products, and evolved to suggest: childcare tips, family activities, and maps for holidays and day trips.  Vegan isn't just a diet.

Vegan Family Guide is the website I wanted as a new vegan mum.  Surprised to find one didn't exist, I started it myself. Now with more experience, I added an online course about how I potty trained my newborn baby, and my mistakes made buying plant- based baby bum balm. 

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I will not hassle you with things to feel guilty about-

  • Scare stories, or 'one size fits all' advice.

  • Essential must have latest items which are a waste of money.

  • Baby weight loss, and pressure to meet the unrealistic beauty standards of capitalism and patriarchy...

Parent guardians should be supportive of one another's efforts #mumsolidarity.

But I will let you know-


I asked the same questions as all vegan parents/ guardians having a baby for the first time. 

Vegan Family Guide emerged from my personal notebook, helping you answer:


Is veganism safe in pregnancy, breastfeeding and childhood?

Is my baby lotion vegan?

What will I eat at hospital?

How can I meet other vegans to prevent my child feeling isolated as I have being vegan?

How can I explain to my child why we don't eat that cake?   

Where can I buy vegan kid's school shoes?  And coats?

Who can help me speak with my child's teacher

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Hello, I'm Helen

I've been vegan since 2004, worked with children for many years, and had my baby in 2018.  Inspiration for Vegan Family Guide is drawn from my background  in sustainability and education.  However, life as an everyday parent informs most of the content.

I tend to think my baby is the best baby in the world, which clearly qualifies me to tell others what to do.  As soon as I gave birth I became a smug competitive monster, stamping on milestones everywhere.

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Work it out as you go along


To live with warmth is to bring a kind and cuddly glow wherever you go.

The world deserves an end to the cycle of violence which begins in childhood.  Children also deserve a fulfilling life now.  But how?  I've read up on many parenting theories, education and schooling theories, and cultural differences.  However, I've come to think that there is no right way.  In systems thinking, a resilient system is one which is adaptable enough to deal with with complexity and subtlety of life.  The most important thing to do, in my opinion, is to hone the skills for deep observation by tuning in and connecting with your child.  Uncover your assumptions and ideology.  Evolve in light of what you learn and find balance.  You get out what you put in, so take the time and make a friend for life.  Remember that an air of calm confidence rubs off, and don't dwell on critics.  Above all, let yourself love your child, and let them know they're loved.  You do not need to be afraid of making them soft, or unprepared.  Touch and kind words wire infant brains to give them the resilience to grow up and change the world.