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FHS HK Checklist of preparing for your newborn

NCT UK Birth

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Following the NHS guide, and Birth Zang, here are some things you might want to pack before you reach full term.  At the bottom of this page you can find some non drug stress relief options.  Check what facilities the hospital provides before you pack, as they can offer different types of stress relief, bedding, and food.  Things don't always go to plan, so be prepared for you and/ or the baby to need to stay in hospital for a few days, possibly separately.  Even if you plan to be at home, it's still worth having things ready in case you are taken to hospital. 

Different hospitals publish their own packing lists, here are some examples: Homerton, Royal FreeUCLHWhittington. 


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We planned and prepared a lot for a natural birth, but this went out the window.  I am glad I gave birth in a hospital, as we could be quickly moved to the high risk ward.  I had already considered a back up plan for what I would do if things went wrong, as, realistically, they very often do. People will try to make you feel bad, but I have no feeling of disappointment- just the joy of meeting our child.  Birth is just a thing that happens (if painfully slowly at times) so as you can dedicate the future to your child.  This parenting bit is what matters. 

  • Your hospital, midwife or doula’s phone number

  • Your partner or birth partner’s phone number


  • Your own hospital reference number, which is on your card or notes (you will be asked for this when you phone in), best phone number to contact the hospital on in an emergency, or routine labour

  • Phone number for a taxi which accepts people in labour

  • Phone charger


  • Any medications you are taking​​​​

  • Healthy snacks- I enjoyed being fed sugar-free sweets after labour. At other times I had bars, as they are easily packed and held in bed.


  • Sleeping bag or plenty of blankets for birth partner- I was in hospital for three nights, and my partner got a cold 'sleeping' on a chair.  The two blankets we brought were insufficient.  There were not as many pillows and blankets as we were led to believe, and the chair wasn't really a recliner. 


  • Torch app on your phone, or just a torch- handy for night feeds or when thumbling around for a light switch


Greedy Lama

The VeganKind- UK & international

Greenbay- UK only

Vekoop- Germany & international

Easy to hold snacks.



Snacks HK

Easy to hold snacks.



Toiletries    Top of page

  • Breast pads See the milk page


  • A couple of packets of super-absorbent sanitary or maternity pads- see below.  You will be amazed how many you can get through.

  • Your wash bag with: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hairband, soap, deodorant, hair ties, lip balm, hand sanitiser, and other toiletries (ie contact lenses if needed).  The hairband is for putting hair up if hot, and the lip balm is because dry lips are common.

  • Towels​- I don't think we brought a towel- check what is there beforehand 

  • A fan/ water spray/ flannel to cool you down

  • Earplugs and sleep-mask to use if birth partner is awake 

  • Bed pads for if waters break at home prior to birth, or for after birth (when there could still be blood, sweat and milk everywhere)- see below.  Ours became a mat to go under the changing mat. 


Superflow maternity

Pads to wear for a few days after birth. 



Maternity pads HK

Pads to wear for a few days after birth. 


$29- 79

Intimate wipes HK

WowMom- Hong Kong & international

Organic cotton



Disposable pants

EnVie- UK & international

Pack of 7 disposable hospital knickers - perfect for use during maternity, in hospital or when travelling.



Bed Pads


Prevent your bed from flooding post birth!


£4- 15

Bed Pads HK

Underpad tissue


$35- 40


Clothes    Top of page


  • 5 or 6 pairs of knickers – you may want to bring some disposable ones- see above

  • Bin bag for dirty clothes​​​


  • 'Something loose and comfortable to wear during labour that doesn’t restrict you from moving around or make you too hot (a nightdress or large t shirt), plus about 3 changes of clothes.'  This was on the list, but I was actually given a flappy thing to wear.  Daddy said he should have brought more clothes for himself, as he felt a bit yucky after staying up for such a long time wearing the same thing. 

  • 2 or 3 comfortable and supportive bras, including nursing bras- it is worth having a fitting for these.  See the milk page.  I have actually ended up preferring stretchy crop tops. 

  • Front-opening or loose-fitting nighties or tops for breastfeeding See the milk page.  For breast feeding more generally, I have have found wrap-over tops to be convenient in the day time, and pyjamas which open at the top for night (I think they are called Grandad collars).  It turns out Baby doesn't like specially designed feeding clothes.  

  • Dressing gown and slippers/ flip flops/ socks- feet can get cold in labour

  • A loose, comfortable outfit to wear home.  (You will still be fat as you lose stomach muscle)


Baby​   Top of page


  • Babygrows, vests and cardigans.  See clothes page Midwives we met had alternating very strong opinions for and against hats. 

  • An outfit for going home in- a pram suit if it is cold​

  • Plenty of nappies and cotton wool or whatever you are going to use  See nappy page.  Hospitals seem to prefer brining cotton wool to wet wipes, but you have to find the water yourself.  

  • Muslin squares See milk page We don't really use these

  • Formula, bottles, cleaning soap and a flask of hot water, if you plan to bottle feed- See milk page

  • A car seat for the trip home  See car seat page

  • Nail clippers- our baby was borne with talons and a scratched face

Stress Relief​    Top of page

  • Stress relief such as- arnica, homeopathic child birth kit from Helios, Bach flowers, massage oil, suitable aromatherapy, paracetamol  See pregnancy page


  • A TENS machine if you intend to use one.  See pregnancy page

  • Birth stool or ball and pump See pregnancy page

  • Extra pillows or even duvet

  • Floor mat

  • Partner’s swimming gear for water birth/ your own bikini top if preferred