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Here are some recommended websites which link to Vegan Family Guide. (exclusively vegan websites, no alcohol or pyramid sales, or anything which isn't family friendly)


Links to recommended vegan websites


Vegan Resources Links: Our Team

Vegan Childcare Links

Wee Larches

Glasgow based vegan registered childminder

Find humane learning/ vegan education materials here

Vegan Blog Links

Vegan Dad

Funny posts about being a vegan parent.

5 Vegan 

Vegan Quotes, Vegan Recipes, Veganism & Plant-based info - Subscribe for free for weekly updates.

All Creatures

continuously adding recent animal rights, vegan and religion-and-animals articles, images, stories, alerts to  our 25-year-old archival site.

Vegan Links

Lots of useful resources about veganism.


Vegetarian Resources Group

Publish a vegetarian journal and have many links pages, including vegan parenting links page

Vegan Runner Eats

5 day meal preparation and shopping plan,  raising and feeding vegan children, and how to be a fit mum.

Vegan Communities, Groups and Places

Maui Vegan Life

Eat, Cook & Live Vegan on Maui

Pura Fruta

Vegan and other ethics lifestyle in Costa Rica

Find vegan parent's group links here

Vegan Shop Links

Vegan Vitality

Vegan Vitality provides premium quality vegan supplements for the modern lifestyle.  All of our products are 100% vegan, GMO free and quality tested, providing you with the best quality solutions to your health requirements, whilst being kind to the world around us.

Find more vegan shop links here

Vegan Resources Links: Programs
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