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Commonly asked questions

Is it safe  What is lanolin?

If you can't find the answers here, then find your local vegan parent's group, or parent's and teacher's vegan books page.

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Vegan parenting | tips: List


Midwives & Health Visitors

Contrary to popular belief, midwives and health visitors are generally reasonable people.  Their career is being helpful, and they need a strong academic background to get in. 

Twice I was directly asked if I'm a vegan, and the reaction was very supportive.    Apart from that, there is no need to mention you are a vegan, and it isn't really relevant.  A health visitor's job is to find children in danger, not just on special diets.  If you are concerned about confrontation, then you could save a link to the relevant NHS website section.

School and family understanding

The Vegan Society publish advice:

Lifestyle social life tips

How to survive an interrogation about what you choose to feed your child

How to show your family you’re serious about veganism

Find support from other vegans in local vegan parent's groups (baring in mind that online behaviour is not always the most welcoming, so don't take adverse comments to heart!)

Childcare, schools, home education

Read one parent's letters to her child's school.

Go Vegan World also provide Vegan Rights Sample Letters.

Download My Vegan Child is a free online resource for parents, teachers and caregivers of vegan children.

Visit Veducation Consultation and read their book.

Find vegan childcare in the links page.

Vegan birthday cakes, party food, party bags

Attend the party page.

The Vegan Society advice What to do if your child is invited to a party

Vegan pregnancy and nutrition

I'll write this page soon.  In the meantime, you can find vegan and plastic free vitamins in the pregnancy shop page.

Vegan breastfeeding and nutrition

The best for baby!  I'll write this page soon.  In the meantime, you can find vegan and plastic free vitamins in the breastfeeding shop page​.

Vegan nipple balm

Find suggested vegan (no sheep wool or bees wax), plastic free products in the breastfeeding shop page.  Other plastic ones can be found on the nipple balm page. 

Vegan infant baby formula milk

Visit the breastfeeding page for breastfeeding information.  Breastfeeding is recommended by medical professionals.   

Find information on the vegan formula milk page.  Organic rice formula can be ordered from France or Germany at expense.  Non-organic vegetarian soya formula is available in the UK.  Neither are recommended in the UK unless your baby has allergies, in which case they are recommended.  I know vegan parents who have needed to feed their babies animal milk.  You can only do your best.

Vegan nappy cream + nappies

Cream: Avoid nappy rash with baby-led toilet training.  Use an edible, natural oil, or one of the recommended plastic free products on the bum page. which do not contain bee's wax (cera alba) or sheep's wool (lanolin).  Other plastic products can be found on the nappy cream page.

Nappies: Find out which ones don't contain wool on the bum page.

Vegan children's books

Find vegan kid's, parent's, recipe and colouring books which promote a vegan lifestyle- to counter all the other books you come across which promote farms, zoos and circuses as charming places where everyone is friends.  I've also found vegan learning resources, videos, toys and stickers.

Vegan recipes and vitamins

The vegan baby-led weaning page has links to nutritional information.  Vitamin supplements can be found in the dining page.

Vegan school lunch box snack ideas coming soon.

Vegan baby shoes

Shoes are only necessary when a baby learns to walk.  Prior to this people use them for aesthetic reasons.  We managed to get on the feet, and keep on the feet: ankle welly boots, moccasins, plimsolls.  Baby can now wear anything, but likes bare feet best. Visit the vegan children's shoes page

Vegan school shoes

Visit the vegan children's shoes page to find out which shops stock smart vegan children's shoes in dark colours. 

Vegan school coats

Find out where to buy recycled coats on the clothes page.

Vegan holidays and meals outs

The vegan family holidays and cafes page shows a map of vegan BnBs with family rooms, and cafes which have told me they have high chairs, changing facilities, and/ or toys.  The accommodation and cafes listed are in the UK, Ireland, and parts of Europe with a direct Eurostar train from st Pancras!  I also have a blog about vegan festivals with children's activities.

You can find a similar list of vegan parenting resources in Vegan Runner Eats.

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