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Quickest ways to get at nipples or leave the house

Ethical clothes for nursing, breastfeeding, maternity, pregnancy, carrying baby around in a daze with no arms free.

vegan bum bag


vegan waist bag/ vegan belt bag/ vegan body bag/ vegan fanny pack

A bag which doesn't swing round and slap your toddler in the face when you help them learn to walk, or push them on a bike.  I've also found my toddler can use this Matt and Nat bag as a seat when I carry them, although this isn't the intended purpose.  Or you could try an actual hip seat with a pocket.

Tiba & Marl Miko Bumbag at Scandiborn, carbon offset, £54.95

Komodo at Ethical Superstore, recycled bits, £37.50

Ethics, fair wear, £22

Earth Wardrobe, recycled, £6


Belo at Wearth London, £75

vegan slip on shoes


and elastic, magic laces

Make your shoes easier to put on while baby is in their carrier, and eager to get going, but it's awkward to bend and tie laces.  I upcycled my walking boots by adding magic laces from eBay.  These boots got a lot of wear, since walking was the only way to keep baby asleep.

I also bought some vegan chelsea boots, which can be put on one handed with practice.

Find more vegan shoes at the Third Estate shop in London.  Find more shoe shops on the vegan children's shoes page.

vegan pregnancy bra


or soft triangle bra for maternity and nursing

Special breastfeeding bras with hooks take a millisecond longer to get into, in which time baby can get significantly hungrier. 


Underwiring is uncomfortable anyway, and could impair the flow of milk.  I prefer this soft, stretch crop top, as it has fitted me throughout my fluctuating breast sizes over the past couple of years.  It can be easily pulled to the side for milking.  I also like to think it looks more like a vest than a bra, which is good, as it is usually visible.

There are a range of suitable options at Ethical Superstore, and at Wearth London for £38

Boody, £16.95

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


low vests to pull down, and not have to bother with feeding clips

Preserve dignity in all the revealing shirts. 

Boody Bamboo cami or tank top, Ethical Superstore, £13.95

There are also scoop and v neck short- sleeved t-shirts at Ethical Superstore, but they may not be low enough.

Soul Hippy camis, £51.95

Wearth London have various upmarket ethical vests.

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


oversize t shirts to wear when pregnant

I found it difficult to get maternity clothes from charity shops.  However, I did manage to find normal clothes which were stretchy, baggy, or had pleats.  You can easily circulate a small number of loose charity shop finds.

Second hand maternity clothes at: Oxfam shop, eBay, Prevloved

Dorothy Perkins organic maternity t shirts, £8

La Redoute organic maternity t shirt, £20

Tiffany Rose sell occasional wear.

Earth Wardrobe, organic oversize t shirt, £9
vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


low cut top for boob access

A good view of the model's cleavage here, suggests yours would be on show too... which what we're looking for...  Baby can easily shove their arm down wherever you are.  The neck needs to be especially low at the start when your boobs are bigger, but they settle down again as you go on.

I had a couple of 'breastfeeding tops' with flap pockets to discreetly pull a nipple from.  Baby did not find this acceptable, as they like space to rummage around.  They also felt restricted by a hoiked up shirt, and I didn't want a cold tummy.

I found low, stretch wraparound/ wrap/ wrapover t shirt tops (which haven't been sewn up at the neck, or that you have to tie) work best on occasions when you get dressed.  I still often wear pyjamas with a long, permanently undone grandad collar.  Also look for low, stretch, t shirts with: cowl neck, draped neck, v neck, scoop neck. 

La Redoute have an organic, £10 v neck and scoop neck top, but in white colours, which would show milk stains.

Boody have scoop neck tops for £24.95.

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


without too many buttons

Feed baby, while compromising fashion.

Ethical Superstore range, organic, £39.95- £50

Frugi, organic, £49

Second hand at: Oxfam shop, eBay, Prevloved

Komodo, organic, Nepal, Ethical Superstore, £55
vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


Fleeces and hoodies with zips to get your tits out from and respond to emergencies in a timely fashion.

Thick coats make it harder to tighten the waistband on a baby carrier, which makes it heavier.  A hood cannot be taken off and thrown by a baby in a backpack carrier. 

Earth Wardrobe, organic/ recycled, £20

Craghoppers recycled fleece at Hawkshead, £55

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


pull up with one hand while holding baby


Dorothy Perkins organic jeggings, £22

Craghoppers or Hawkshead walking leggings, £50 (it's not clear how these do up)

Brasher walking leggings, Go Outdoors, £42 (it's not clear how these do up)

Maternity/ newborn parent trousers

Frugi maternity trousers, £45

Mamalicious organic maternity leggings, John Lewis, £25

Dorothy Perkins maternity jeans, £18- £30

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes



Dresses and skirts tangle, and ride up into nothing, when crawling around in public libraries.

Ethical Superstore leggings, £15.95- £55

Soul Hippy leggings, £61.95

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


Or short hair

You hair and jewelry will be pulled.

vegan maternity pregnancy clothes


This peekaboo product is one way we can still be fashionable... unless it scares baby

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