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Richmond Yoga and Vegan Festival, Yogific

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Back in July we visited Richmond Yoga and Vegan Festival, which is organised by Yogific. Daddy Vegan and I had a great day, and agreed that we will definitely return with Baby Vegan.

These are some features which we consider chid friendly:

  • Nice relaxed vibes

  • 'Lil Yogi Room' with scheduled yoga and meditation workshops just for children

  • Dance workshops, face painting and henna

  • Performances by children

  • Talks for parents, as well as grown up workshops

  • Lots of green space- great for spreading out a picnic blanket/ yoga mat

  • Trees provided shade

  • Some small hills to roll down

  • Not too crowded

  • Eclectic performances

  • More healthy food than at some vegan festivals, and we didn't notice alcohol for sale

  • One exit- meaning it would be difficult for a child roaming free to leave!

  • Visitors are encouraged to bring their own cups, cutlery and containers in exchange for a discount; and the food and drink packaging provided by stalls is recyclable. This will help preserve the planet for future generations.

I found the festival when researching my article 'The top child friendly vegan festivals', and decided to check it out. Yogific organise festivals around the UK and abroad, with upcoming events in: Greenwich (6th October), Cork (28th October), Essex (11th November), York (2nd March), and Norwich (6th April).

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