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Free Lunch

Updated: Oct 23

Since we moved to Lancaster, we have had several freeish lunches...

This lunchtime we ate a delicious vegan Malaysian meal. It was delivered to us by a member of the Tara Time Collective.

When we first arrived in Lancaster, we were given some kale which had been gleaned by Food Futures. This means it was collected from a field where it would have gone to waste.

In the cohousing, Daddy Vegan made a takeaway meal for the community one weekend. Another time, different neighbours gave food away in front of their houses. We do our shopping with a whole food buying cooperative.

Cohousing is a community set up intentionally to benefit the residents. Their are private houses, but shared areas such as gardens. Shared meals are one activity which brings people together, but they have to be more inventive at the moment.


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