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Dress to breastfeed- Boody bamboo review

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Vegan and ethical nursing clothes which are quick to put on:

When I was pregnant I made many unnecessary purchases. One such waste of money was special nursing bras and clothes. They added faff, and Baby Vegan wasn't feeling it. They wanted to be able to grab me more easily than these allowed. From Baby Vegan's point of view, the ideal nursing outfit is one they can pull me out of at any moment. For me, I would like to maintain some element of dignity, but while breastfeeding without effort, and either ethically made or secondhand.


About Boody: Boody crop tops have genuinely been my favourite nursing bras, since they have been the easiest and most comfortable. For this reason, I was extra pleased when Boody sent me some trousers and a vest to review. Boody make organic bamboo basics for women, men and babies. Their baby clothes include baby grows with two- way zips to change nappies at speed. Bamboo is a fast growing crop which needs less water than cotton. The factory working conditions are ethical.

Best breastfeeding clothes

Crop top bra: Boody bras have been fantastic for breastfeeding, as they have always fitted my changing sized breasts. There is no uncomfortable wire, which could restrict milk flow. They are so easy to pull to the side and feed my baby. The bamboo is a lovely fabric to wear over an area which has been sensitive. I've also heard bamboo has some antimicrobial properties. The bra is very quick and easy to put on, which is good with an impatient baby. My baby would become vocally impatient while I took milliseconds to undo the clips on special breastfeeding bras. Another good point is that they don't look too much like bras, so it doesn't matter if they are visible, which they often are.

Racerback vest: This was gifted by Boody. The dark colour is ideal for hiding milk stains. A stretchy top with a low neck is the best for pulling down to breastfeed. Baby likes to have space to shove an arm down and rummage around. I would often wear a vest under shirts, since my bra was usually visible. I would look for low cut tops as these made it easier to breastfeed. I prefered to pull tops down from the neck to pulling them up from the bottom. This meant I kept my tummy warm, and Baby didn't have cloth on their head. Baby didn't like the special breastfeeding clothes with flaps, as they liked to have a whole breast out to fondle! Other styles of shirt to try are: wraparound, grandad collar, scoop neck, cowl neck, draped neck, deep v neck. I've found I can wear more of my old shirts again and still have access, now my breasts have shrunk.

Clothes to put on quickly

Leggings: These were gifted by Boody. An elasticated waistband is easy to pull up with one arm. I didn't want to be holding Baby while fiddling with buttons and zips. Stretchy waists are also more comfortable over a post- partum tummy. You need lots of maneuverability for crawling around on the floor after the baby. The soft fabric of these leggings is great for this. There is an extra seam on the knees, which I hope might make them less likely to frey from excess kneeling.

Slip on shoes or magic laces: I found it hard to bend to tie my shoes with Baby in the carrier, or being held. Baby is not known for patience when it comes to leaving the house. Hence, I bought slip-on shoes and stretchy magic laces. It's important that the shoes are comfortable and suitable for walking long distances for putting Baby to sleep. If I was going out somewhere, I would often walk just so as to schedule a nap in before we arrived.

Accessories: I've also found a bum bag handy for sitting Baby on as I carry them short distances. A hairband is helpful for keeping my hair intact around busy little hands.

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Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu
27. Dez. 2020

That's great advice and a great video too!

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