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the best Vegan Friendly Children's Books for your age and interest

Quickly find the best vegan kid's book for you, with reviews, videos & learning resources.

Neither mislead your vegan child, nor scare them with information they aren't ready for.

Some of these books can be found at your local library, as they are accidentally vegan.  I've also included some books about general nonviolence, and countering stereotypes, as these are things I looked for myself.

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Read with purpose about the world we want to help us imagine and make it.  These books encourage compassion and present farming accurately. Many children's books show farmers as best mates with the animals who they are about to kill, which we know not to be the case.  Books with non vegan themes can be useful discussion starters.  However, keeping some vegan titles at home can help counter inaccuracies we find elsewhere.  Baby can feel part of a vegan movement, even if they don't meet others everyday.  What's more, we can have a lovely cuddle while reading; which will equally help birth the society of the future.

When my child was a toddler who can't sleep after a frightening book, so I take care with the topics I read them.  This is why I have separated the vegan kids books into age appropriate subject categories below.  However, I am all for reading complicated books to younger children to help them learn language patterns, along with simpler books to help them identify the meaning of words.   


Many of the book articles have links to videos and learning resources, so as you can find out more, and I've noted which books are printed on recycled paper.   Look for other recycled, second hand books in: Preloved or Oxfam.