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Vegan Children's Books

Below you will find vegan kid's books arranged by age and topic, so as not to scare little vegans.

Firstly, I encourage everyone to watch, listen and download I Live in a Hut and From My Little Hut in the Forest. These are offered as a gift or for a voluntary donation to the Sadhana Forest project.

Some of the books are special vegan books by vegan authors about veganism. These let vegan children know they're not alone. They demonstrate that other books are misleading when they present farms and zoos as fun. This helps explain why we are vegans. 

At the local library there are many are animal-friendly, peaceful books too. However, any books can be used to start a discussion, especially ones we disagree with. Read about the library Veganuary book display. and Political picture books arranged by curriculum areas.

We also listen to audiobooks on the library Borrow Box app, and have enjoyed the (not vegan but) eco Penguin Audio Adventures and Hope Jones.


ACTIVITY BOOKS: Just Like Me picture book and colouring book, Peace Love Vegan colouring book, Plant Based Cards colouring book, stickers and games, Simple Happy Kitchen download


Other books: How to Eat a Rainbow (I was surprised to see the fairies had swords here), Vegans Go Shopping*

Baby toddler

Other books: audiobooks, the free download and video I Live in a Hut, Just Like Me* picture book and colouring book, T Veg: The Story of a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur*Esther the Wonderpig*Linus the Vegetarian T Rex*, Friends Aren't Food, Vivi the Supervegan free activities, Ollie the Dinosaur free activities, The Girl Who Could See Stories*, Animal Tails charity booksQuick, Hide Puddle*, Violet's Vegan Comics free activities, Vegan Nursery Rhymes, Vegan Alphabet book* and audio*


Other books: So, You Love Animals, Lily Bowers, Generation V*, Saving Moon Bears*


Readings- Vegan Children's Books

Readings- Vegan Children's Books

Readings- Vegan Children's Books
I Live in a Hut

I Live in a Hut

Play Video
Time for Storytime: Ed Vere reads How to be a Lion

Time for Storytime: Ed Vere reads How to be a Lion

Play Video
Story time - I Am Henry Finch

Story time - I Am Henry Finch

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Videos of books
the best Vegan Friendly Children's Books for your age and interest

Quickly find the best vegan kid's book for you, with reviews, videos & learning resources.

Neither mislead your vegan child, nor scare them with information they aren't ready for.

Some of these books can be found at your local library, as they are accidentally vegan.  I've also included some books about general nonviolence, and countering stereotypes, as these are things I looked for myself.

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Read with purpose about the world we want to help us imagine and make it.  These books encourage compassion and present farming accurately. Many children's books show farmers as best mates with the animals who they are about to kill, which we know not to be the case.  Books with non vegan themes can be useful discussion starters.  However, keeping some vegan titles at home can help counter inaccuracies we find elsewhere.  Baby can feel part of a vegan movement, even if they don't meet others everyday.  What's more, we can have a lovely cuddle while reading; which will equally help birth the society of the future.

When my child was a toddler who can't sleep after a frightening book, so I take care with the topics I read them.  This is why I have separated the vegan kids books into age appropriate subject categories below.  However, I am all for reading complicated books to younger children to help them learn language patterns, along with simpler books to help them identify the meaning of words.   


Many of the book articles have links to videos and learning resources, so as you can find out more, and I've noted which books are printed on recycled paper.   Look for other recycled, second hand books in: Preloved or Oxfam.

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Vegan baby books

with thick card pages for easy turning, cleaning and gnawing.  Babies can practice naming animals, making their sounds, and relating to them.  These books have no menacing behaviour, as my child currently copies everything.  One day they will be old enough to discuss that some things are better not copied, and some things are just pretend.  For now, I can only limit what they are exposed to.

Vegan Toddler books to build empathy

Why would a child eat an animal if they can see themselves in it?  Animals in these books have characters for children to get to know, and feel an affinity for.  Use them to hold onto children's natural interest in animals, and build on it by naming what we have in common.  In turn, this helps us connect with other humans; and realise that we are all one big Earthling family, with our origins in the same cosmic dust.  The stories often use rhymes, refrains, alliteration, or just pictures to appeal to younger readers.  We like to add in actions too.

Nonviolent books for critical thinking

In which carnivore creatures convert to herbivorism and stop eating each other.  They allow themselves to pause and think, to expand their circle of compassion beyond the norm; even if it means standing out.  The stories deal with difficult comments from the animal's peers, much like we face in our own lives.  This helps us compose ourselves and prepare factually weighted witty retorts...  The animals live their lives in their own way, without antagonism.  Their grace and commitment sees them through, and sometimes brings others to join them too.

Activist calls to action

Child protagonists saving the day and leading by example!  They are a less toxic type of superhero than most; ones whose kindness is their power.  Kiddie readers learn that you can stand your ground without fighting, and win people over with strength of character.  Unlike flying or freezing people, these are qualities which we can find in ourselves.  We do not need to become supernatural alpha people; just be fully who we are and spring to action from a place of love.

Action stories- real life animal escapes to inform

Many of these books are true stories. They introduce the reality of farming and zoos, but with a happy ending where the animals escape to freedom.  This demonstrates that animals have agency and emotions.  The domesticated farm and pet animals still want to exist in their own right; however paternalistic the human owner may be.  They are more like their wild cousins, or us humans than artificial definitions allow. 

The stories often end with the animals befriending a less controlling human, who has put themself out to help.  This way we maintain the hope in humanity, so needed for social activism.

Information on animal exploitation

These books explain the gory truth about the violence of farming, and other types of animal captivity and exploitation, for children who are able to deal with difficult subjects.  This is generally hidden in children's literature, perhaps as parents are concerned non vegan children wouldn't finish their dinner if they knew.  These books would be useful if children ask why they can't eat what their friends eat.  As children grow older they can engage critically with information and make their own decisions.  For example, I became a vegetarian at 10, and vegan at 17 without my parent's input.  However, I found my toddler aged child thought everything should be copied.

Vegan food cook books for kids

Healthy, vegan cookery books for children, with simple instructions and colourful illustrations.  Also books for vegan kids about diet, nutrition and where food comes from.  Children can take pride in learning to look after themselves.  They can take responsibility for tidying up, as full participants in the communal family unit...

Vegan activity and colouring books, and books with printable learning resources

Vegan children's colouring and activity books, games and apps.  You can find more printable vegan colouring sheets and vegan art materials for children in Vegan Family Guide.


books which are inclusive of the diversity of vegan children.  Generally, there is an under representation of girls, BAME characters and other minorities.  I can recognise the impact of seeing yourself in the media on my own child and a student I worked with.

Vegan teenage, parenting and teachers books


Free, Activism, Representative, Information, Toddlers, Preschool, Infants, ebook, audiobook

Free: I Live in a Hut
download book, audio book, dramatised video and song

Faded Shapes

Yorit Rozin

The author co founded Sadhana Forest vegan community within the Auroville ecovillage, India. This book is about a day in the life of her daughter. Be inspired by by all the ways she conserves resources, enjoys herself, and expresses gratitude. The pictures combine action photos on dreamy, vibrant watercolours. They make me feel warm as I remember my time there.

Toddlers, Preschool, Empathy, Activities

Animal Rescue
book or app, and Planet Rescue

Faded Shapes

Patrick George

Award nominated, interactive, and origional; with cool graphic design. See- through pages invite little ones to rescue animals themselves from a range of exploitative situations. On a typical page, a parent animal wants to be reunited with their child, who is picutured on the next accetate page. Children can relate to the feeling of wanting to be close to loved ones. Human adults can discuss the animal rights issues in age appropriate depth. 

Published by Patrick George.

eBay , Foyles

Toddlers, Preschool, Empathy, ABC, Activities

Just Like Me
picture book and colouring book, Mini Vegan ABC

Faded Shapes

Stanley Foo

'The beautiful animals are just like me'; noticing the animal's similar body parts, we are prompted to do actions and make animal sounds. The illustrations are friendly and alive. The words are minimal, but well chosen, in a big lively font. The colouring book is printed with plant based inks with recycled pages.


Preschool, Infants, Nonviolence, Activities, Local library, Peace, ebook

How to be a Lion

Faded Shapes

Ed Vere

Leonard is one of my favourite characters. Unsurprisingly, he was created by an award winning author, who is also artist in residence at the Born Free Foundation. Leonard is a lion, and model for gentle masculinity. With Marianne the duck by his side, he writes poetry and appreciates the moment. However, other lions suggest Leonard should 'chomp' Marianne. Together they remain strong, contemplate, and respond through verse on the theme of mutual repect and tolerance. The language and images have heartfelt poise, but also a sense of humour. 

Published by Penguin for ages 3 to 7. Learning resources.  including a lion mask template.

eBay , Hive download, Foyles

Babies, Empathy

That's Not My Momma's Milk

Faded Shapes

Julia Barcalow, Kayleigh Castle

This combines two of my Baby's favourite things- breasts! It also features other baby animals. It is therefor very popular in our home and has come on holiday with us more than once. Familiar cosy subjects and repetition. 

Vegan Publishers.

eBay , Wordery

Preschool, Infants, Information, Representative, ABC, ebook

V is for Vegan

Faded Shapes

Ruby Roth

The ABCs of being kind': We were given the classic V is for Vegan when Baby was born. It covers every aspact of veganism, with style and rhyme! 

Published by North Atlantic Books and printed in the USA on recycled paper. For ages 3 to 7.

eBay , Hive download, TheVeganKind

Juniors, Infants, Exploitation

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals

Faded Shapes

Ruby Roth

Every plant, animal and human animal wants to care for their offspring and give them be best life, but sometimes this is not possible. Many types of animal babies are separated and eaten by humans as food. This book introduces a range of species, their habits, and the upsetting conditions they are kept in. 

Published by North Atlantic Books and printed in the USA on recycled paper. For ages 6 to 10.

eBay , TheVeganKind

Tiandra Wilde

Infants, Juniors, Representative, Information

Vegan is Love

Faded Shapes

Ruby Roth

'Having heart and taking action'. This book give unsettling details and illustrations of the various ways humans harm other animals, ourseves and the natural world. It points out how wonderful it is that people of all ages have daily opportunities to chose kindness. 

Published by North Atlantic Books and printed in Singapore. For ages 6 to 9.

eBay , TheVeganKind

Infants, Juniors, Empathy, Poetry, Representative, Activities, Local library, ebook, audiobook

The Little Book of Vegan Poems/ Talking Turkeys/ Nature Trail

Faded Shapes

Benjamin Zephania

Poetry by the People's Laureate, musician and activist against all forms of prejudice. 

The Little Book of Vegan Poems- AK Press. Talking Turkies- Penguin Random House. Ages 5 to 8. Learning resources and here.

eBay , Hive audio/ download, Foyles , Spotify

Juniors, Action, Activities, Secondary, Local library, ebook

The Chicken Gave it to Me

Faded Shapes

Anne Fine

This book by the former children's laureate sees a girl receive a letter from a chicken about their escape from the farm, and plans to save humanity- apparently. 

HarperCollins Publishers. Learning resource.

eBay, Hive ebook

Infants, Juniors, Representative, Action

Sprig the Rescue Pig
Gwen the Rescue Hen

Faded Shapes

Leslie Crawford, Sonja Stangl

Sprig the Rescue Pig is based on a true story, and Gwen the Rescue Hen won an award. These wordier books are about animals who escape their doom with the help of a kind child. They include details of the farming industry. 

Printed in the USA on recycled paper. Published by Stone Pier Press and distributed by Chelsea Green. For ages 4 to 7.

eBay , Foyles

Preschool, Infants, Nonviolence, Local library, Peace

T Veg: The Story of a Carrot Crunching Dinosaur

Faded Shapes

Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Katherina Manolessou

Written by an award winning author, and BookTrust writer in residence; T Veg. bounces along with rhythm, rhyme, and joyful colour. Reginald's love of vegetarian food is not accepted by his peers, so he runs away... only to return and save the day. He is welcomed back by the other dinosaurs, who realised they missed him. A story of hope for many of us who have been through this process. 

Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. printed on FSC paper in China. For ages 2 to 7+.


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