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Children's music, video and book playlists with activities

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


These are a couple of playlists of music which I enjoy as well as my child.

TV Programs and Films

These are some videos which I think are not too scary or violent for our three-year-old. (I haven't checked them all yet.)

There are also some video promos here, and a caption with where to find them. This list includes our all time favourite Puffin Rock, which is on Netflix. Here are more playlists for: Maisy Mouse, Moomins, and children's tours of different places.

Videos of Books with activities

These two playlists are videos of vegan friendly books, and peaceful books being read on Youtube. Some of these books have printable activities, which you can find on my previous blog 'accidentally vegan picture books in your local library', or on the more extensive vegan children's books page.

Free Vegan Children's Books

I Live in a Hut, Violet's Vegan Comics, and Vegan Nursery Rhymes can all be downloaded for free.

Do you have a favourite I've missed out? Comment below...

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