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Eco and vegan stickers, toys and art materials

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Plant based kids art materials

Natural and plastic free and non- toxic, vegan children's art supplies.  Keep using things you have until they run out; noone expects vegan to change your household overnight.


Gifts with animals in their natural habitat, as opposed to a farm, zoo, aquarium or safari.  This is educational, as children learn about natural ecosystems.  However, my child tends to prefer to pretend to be the animal themselves, rather than picking up a little wooden one.  This is also cheaper.

Vegan play food

Healthy, wholefood playfood, including: plant based proteins, vegetables and fruit. 

Vegan food games for children.  You can find more activity books on the vegan books page.

Kids sustainable stickers- eco reusable, biodegradable/ compostable

Baby Vegan used to get through through one animal themed Usborne Sticker book a week.  Their favourite nature sticker books comprised friendly, smiley faced animal stickers, and pages with background scenes of their environment to stick the animals onto.   When sticking, Baby Vegan often likes to arrange creatures into interspecies cuddle parties. The animals sometimes bounce around or eat bits of our dinner before settling on the page, or carpet.  You do not need to put the sticker in a particular place, just find the right (or wrong) habitat.  (Edit: now aged 2, Toddler Vegan prefers there to be a right place to put the sticker). 

I was initially pleased to see Baby Vegan learn concentration and fine motor skills, while studying environmental science (like me!) but then realised sticker books are not recyclable.  Since it is a bit embarrassing to have an eco website which promotes single use plastic, I set out to find an alternative.  I am now the world's leading authority on stickers.  I made myself this shopping list of titles which show animals in their natural habitat.  For green reasons, I've found out about reusable, sustainably sourced stickers, and magnetic and felt sticker alternatives.  We also avoid books about cars so as not to set a bad eco example.

View the stickers page, toy principles, or Bookshop.


Toys depicting animals in their natural habitat

Faded Shapes

Not in zoos, farms, or on safari

Cotton Play Books

Faded Shapes

Save Our Planet 

Sri Lanka 'fairly traded'

Paint Your Own Nestbox

Faded Shapes



Bird feeder, seeds, bug hotel activity packs

Faded Shapes

Sprinkles Creations

Plastic free, UK

Writing pencils and pens

Faded Shapes

Vent for Change

Pocket World Jigsaw Puzzle - 100 Pieces

Faded Shapes


FSC, Barcelona, 6+

Play vegetables

Faded Shapes


Animal shaped crayons and activity sets

Faded Shapes

Sprinkles Creations UK

Vegan soy wax candles

Find second hand activty sets on eBay

Sticky tape

Faded Shapes


Plastic free paper tape

Know the Origin



Wild Animals Memory Game

Faded Shapes


FSC, Barcelona, 3+

Savannah Animals Playset

Faded Shapes

Play Press Toys

Sustainable, biodegradable, Finland, 4+

Friendly Turtle

Animal adoption

Faded Shapes

Adopt It

Gift pack

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