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Plant-based protein-rich snacks for children from Erbology

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Erbology make a range of healthy, raw and organic foods with beautiful and recyclable packaging; and I was lucky to be sent some to review. Toddler Vegan enjoys these nuts and seeds, and they are great sources of protein. You can buy snacks such as crackers and energy balls individually or as part of a subscription service. Each unusual ingredient on the website has recipe suggestions and nutritional information. Get £10 off £40 direct from Erbology with this link. You can also find Erbology at Planet Organic.

Gluten free granola

When Toddler Vegan learnt to walk, they were usually too busy to finish breakfast. I bought a table attachment for the buggy, and they mostly ate in there. These large crisp-bread style granola pieces would have been handy to bring out and about and eat on the go. They are equally easy to eat as a breakfast cereal, with your spoon or little hands.

Ideally for children, the cereal is sugar free, and only sweetened with fruit and cactus. Raw buckwheat and Spanish tiger nuts are sprouted to release the nutrients, and combined with assorted seeds.

Gluten free waffles

When my friends got married, they added a waffle maker to their wedding list. We were inspired to buy one for each of us. Waffles are a bit like pancakes or warm cakes. However, they are quicker to make and clean up. This suits me very well. I cut mine into fingers which Toddler Vegan wanders around the room with, and takes out on walks. My recipe is to chuck together whatever is in the house, and I've found it pretty hard to get wrong...

Flour: I use a general gluten free flour, or buckwheat flour which has protein. A bit of amaranth flour adds an earthy, nutty taste.

Thickener: Chia seed powder is extra thick, or ground flax.

Milk: Any plant milk works, and water is fine too.

Sweetener: We generally add raisins and cinnamon. You can also try: banana, rice milk, or the fragments left over when you make your own plant milk.

Pudding waffle: Try rice flour or buckwheat flour with coconut. Almond flour is tasty, but needs to be combined with something else for the waffle to hold it's shape.

Savoury waffle: I found olive oil, water and plain flour made a nice accompaniment for soup.

Onion bhajis: After nearly setting the kitchen alight trying to fry onion bhajis, we put them in the waffle maker instead. It worked!

Nutty rice parcels

with organic and raw almonds from Italy and walnuts from Transylvania

Lask weekend, our neighbours organised a fundraising food tour of the street, where people shared different foods in support of Black Lives Matter. We made a modern twist on the traditional Chinese rice parcel. Here is the method:

1) Soak almonds and walnuts

2) Cook rice in coconut milk in the rice cooker (or in a pan)

3) Soak bamboo leaves ready for later

4) Blend almonds and walnuts into small pieces

5) Fill bamboo leaves with rice, and nut pieces

6) Add a dollop of sugar- free strawberry jam- Toddler Vegan's secret ingredient!

7) Watch how to fold a rice parcel in this video:

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Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu
Oct 16, 2020

What wonderful recommendations!

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