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Quickly find UK vegan children's shoes for your vegan kids. Vegan school shoes, vegan baby and toddler shoes, vegan children's sandals, vegan kids boots. Below there are links for different types of shoes.

organic grippy socks with tread

Baby or grippy socks with tread

Ethical Superstore sort products, including children's clothes, coats, gloves and hats as vegan.

Kite at Ethical Superstore, or Frugi* socks are an organic cotton mix.  

vegan kids shoes

Walking, climbing, wellies

Outdoor shoes


Barefoot trainers, sandals, baby shoes

Kids shoes in the vegan collection, made 'ethically'. Review.
Revivo* is the second hand shop.

There are more barefoot shoes at: Freet
 and Happy Little Soles​. 

vegan kids shoes

Toddler & kid's slippers

Thick socks with a firmer, grippier sole.  turtle shoes are recycled and recyclable, and a bit barefoot. 

There are similar in John Lewis

flip top glove mittens

Flip top gloves/ mittens

I searched high and low for waterproof gloves, but these were easier to put on. A snood was easier than a scarf.

Other gloves: Frugi*, Kidly*,

vegan kids shoes

Kids and toddler shoes

Colourful and smart shoes from Pip & Henry

vegan kids shoes

Trainers, boots, sandals, baby, school

Various popular high street brands of vegan children's shoes.  Vans, Tever, Igor, Schu and Hunter.

There are more plimsoles at: Toms and Asda.

vegan kids shoes

Fancy girly party shoes

Made in Brazil

There are more smart shoes at: Young Soles

vegan baby shoes

Baby playshoes/ booties

Stonz.  Playshoes at eBay*

two way zip.jpg

Zip baby-grows

We found zip onesies quicker to change than popper ones. Visit the baby potty training page for pull-up nappy pants tips, or Vegan Outfitters for slogan shirts.

There are babygrows at: John Lewis and other unisex clothes at Toby Tiger*.

kids derby shoes.jpg

School shoes

Black girls* and boys* shoes from Wills Vegan Shoes*Review.

vegan kids shoes

School Shoes

Smart black vegan children's shoes.
There are more school shoes at: Happy Little Soles
,   Young Soles and Freet.

vegan kids shoes

School, velcro, laces, plimsolls, trainers, slippers, laced boots

Marks and Spencer

There are more sandals at: CrocsYoung Soles (Review.) and Happy Little Soles

vegan kids shoes


Veja.  Made with vegan suede, cotton and waste corn.  The fur lined shoes aren't vegan. 

There are more trainers at: Happy Little Soles

two way zip.jpg


Coats and onesies for toddlers who fall in puddles.

These are not labeled vegan, but are recycled: eBay*, Oxfam*

where to buy VEGAN CHILDREN'S SHOES (and clothes) in the UK

Vegan kids shoes are ones which do not contain leather or animal based glues. Ideally they are made under good labour conditions, and with sustainable fabrics.  For example, they could use fake leather made from urban plant waste.  Vegan children's clothes avoid wool fabrics and feather down fillings.  It is not always easy to tell.


Babies and children typically grow out of their clothes very quickly, so there is a lot of choice in second hand shops, try: Revivo*Oxfam Online*, Preloved*, Vinted*, eBay*YoungPlanetOlioFreecycle + alternativesTrash nothing, GumtreeDepop, Local council and NCT nearly new clothes and nappy sales, Local Facebook groups or special interest, such as the Nappy Lady Buying and Selling group.

Types of shoes:


Toddler vegan shoes

Vegan first walker shoes for baby. Shoes are only necessary when a baby learns to walk.  Prior to this people use them for aesthetic reasons.  We managed to get on the feet, and keep on the feet: ankle welly boots, moccasins, plimsolls.  There was a short period when baby struggled with shoes and preferred to be barefoot. They can now wear anything, preferring barefoot shoes.

Shoes: Veo*, M&S

Grippy socks: are handy inside for little ones who have just learnt to walk or crawl. We also send them to nursery, where they like children to have slippers. Ethical Superstore*, Frugi*

Welly boots: We found ankle length welly boots are possible to both put on the foot and then stay there.  At first they wouldn't go on, but Baby Vegan seems to have learnt how to hold their foot to help us now.  At first Baby Vegan had some trouble walking, but got the hang of it.  One fell off when Baby Vegan was in their carrier, probably on the bus.

Moccasin slipper socks: Thick socks with a firmer, grippier sole.  Ours mostly stay on the baby, but did need adjustment occasionally when the foot falls off the sole. Kidly*

Play shoes: Soft, waterproof socks which tie with a strap. I have witnessed toddlers walking in these. eBay*


School vegan shoes

A selection of black, non-leather footwear for school or funerals.  There is a Facebook group for vegan school shoes UK.  You can buy school uniforms from Ethical Superstore*.

Veo*, Veo*, Schu*Startrite Shoes*, M&S*,  Wills Vegan Shoes*Happy Little Soles, Young SolesFreet.


Plimsoles/ canvas shoes

Schu*, M&S*TomsAsda. 


Barefoot vegan kids shoes

Comfortable shoes which let your foot move and feel the ground. My child wears the easy-to-slip-on velcro shoes most days. Vivobarefoot*, Revivo*FreetHappy Little Soles​. 


Shoes for vegan kids

Smarter styles: Veo*, Schu*, Nonon*, Wills Vegan Store*Young Soles


Boots for vegan children

Synthetic, waterproof wellies, walking boots, snow boots and Chelsea boots for outdoors.  Welly boots are a must for our vegan toddler.  They love puddles, and we keep a few pairs to alternate when drenched. Veo*, Schu*M&S*


Welly boots

Go Outdoors*, Schu*, M&S*Evercreatures


Walking boots

Go Outdoors*, 


Trainers for vegan kids

Plimsolls, sneakers and trainers.  Comfortable, casual vegan kid's shoes for home, outside, or school P.E. lessons. Vivobarefoot*, Revivo*M&S*, Kidly*FreetHappy Little Soles​, 


Sandals for vegan children

Vegan children's shoes for sunny days. Schu*, M&S*Crocs, Young SolesHappy Little Soles


Slippers for vegan kids

Slippers and slipper socks. M&S*



Vegan children's coats, gloves, and baby clothes.

Types of shoes
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