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where to buy VEGAN CHILDREN'S SHOES (and clothes) in the UK

Vegan kids shoes are ones which do not contain leather or animal based glues. Ideally they are made under good labour conditions, and with sustainable fabrics.  For example, they could use fake leather made from urban plant waste.  Vegan children's clothes avoid wool fabrics and feather down fillings.  It is not always easy to tell.


Babies and children typically grow out of their clothes very quickly, so there is a lot of choice in second hand shops, try: Oxfam Online, Preloved, Vinted, eBayYoungPlanetOlioFreecycle + alternativesTrash nothing, GumtreeDepop, Local council and NCT nearly new clothes and nappy sales, Local Facebook groups or special interest, such as the Nappy Lady Buying and Selling group.

Jump to shoes.  Page contents:

Toddler vegan shoes

Vegan first walker shoes for baby.

School vegan shoes

A selection of black, non-leather footwear.  There is a Facebook group for vegan school shoes UK.  You can buy school uniforms from Ethical Superstore.

Barefoot vegan kids shoes

Comfortable shoes which let your foot move and feel the ground.

Boots for vegan children

Synthetic, waterproof wellies, walking boots, snow boots and chelsea boots for outdoors.  Welly boots are a must for our vegan toddler.  They love puddles, and we keep a few pairs to alternate when drenched.

Trainers for vegan kids

Plimsolls, sneakers and trainers.  Comfortable, casual vegan kid's shoes for home, outside, or school P.E. lessons. 

Sandals for vegan children

Vegan children's shoes for sunny days.

Slippers for vegan kids

Slippers and slipper socks.


Vegan children's coats, gloves, and baby clothes.

Vegan children's shoes

Recycled coats, waterproof trousers/ overalls/ gloves

Faded Shapes


These vegan coats are made from recycled plastic.  Waterproof snowsuits, pramsuits, or overalls are also good for my accident prone toddler who often falls in puddles.  The suit helps to keep the water from going up their shirt.  Once a child become better at walking, a waterproof coat and trousers combination makes it easier for taking them for a wee.

Polarn o Pyret label some coats and waterproofs as vegan.  They also sell synthetic, recycled gloves which are not labelled vegan. Neck warmer scarfs can be bought in recycled synthetic or organic cotton fabric.  Colours and black for school uniform.

la Redoute have recycled, but not vegan labelled synthetic coats and pramsuits.  Coloured or black. 

John Lewis have recycled, synthetic coats and overalls and gloves.  Coloured or black.

Scandiborn have coats, 1 or 2 piece suits and gloves similar to the above.  Coloured.

Craghoppers have recycled coats, waterproof trousers and hats, but they are not labelled as vegan.  In colours or blac.

Kidly have recycled synthetic coats and pramsuits, but which are also not labelled vegan.  Colourful.

Snow and Rock have recycled coats




Colourful boots, coats, overalls, waterproof mittens, and other clothes. 

Faded Shapes


Ethical Superstore describe Frugi boots and coats as vegan, although Frugi themselves do not.  

Many recycled products.  Frugi also have snood scarfs. 

Grippy socks with tread

Faded Shapes


Kite at Ethical Superstore, or Frugi socks are an organic cotton mix. 

Handy inside for little ones who have just learnt to walk or crawl. We also send them to nursery, where they like children to have slippers. 

Range of vegan children's shoes from various high street brands

Faded Shapes


Popular brands of vegan children's shoes

The quickest to change baby clothes- take them on and off at high speed!

Faded Shapes

Boody or Bonds

Cotton Bonds at John Lewis

Bamboo at Boody

Baby Vegan wore baby-grows and pram suits with a two-way zip until they were a toddler, since zips were so much quicker than poppers.  Built-in socks meant we didn't lose socks, and in the Wondersuit they can be turned out for barefoot walking/ crawling practice.  Wearing a full- body suit meant there was no tummy or ankle flesh flapping out making Baby Vegan cold.  Baby also wears a zipped hoodie.  The hood means we don't lose hats, and it doubled as reins or a sleep mask.  The zip makes it easier to take on and off.  Baby previously wore vests with less bottom poppers, and folds at the shoulders so as they can pull up or down more easily.

Once Baby Vegan's legs grew longer they started to wear trousers with their training pants, as this is easier for the baby toilet training.  I waited until their trousers stayed around their ankles when pulled down.

The Babygrow by Boody has a two- way zip, built-in feet, and fold over mittens.  It is made from organic, bamboo and comes in neutral tones.  The Wondersuit by Bonds at John Lewis has a two- way zip, and fold over openable feet and mittens.  They can be neutral or gendered in colour.  The company ha an ethical statement.


Faded Shapes

Shoo pom/ Victoria

Vegan trainers

Face masks

Faded Shapes

Clean U or Tots Bots  

School shoes

Faded Shapes

Startrite Shoes

Smart black shoes

Barefoot shoes

Faded Shapes


Kids shoes in the vegan collection, made 'ethically'.  

My child wears the easy-to-slip-on velcro shoes most days.


Welly boots

Faded Shapes


This shops describes its self as vegan friendly.  They sell full or shorter length wellies. 

Baby's welly boot experiences:

We found ankle length welly boots are possible to both put on the foot and then stay there.  At first they wouldn't go on, but Baby Vegan seems to have learnt how to hold their foot to help us now.  At first Baby Vegan had some trouble walking, but got the hang of it.  One fell off when Baby Vegan was in their carrier, probably on the bus.

Fancy girly shoes

Faded Shapes


Made in Brazil

Clog sandals, rain boots, snow boots

Faded Shapes


Popular shoes brand going vegan.

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