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Vegan baby, kids and parent's products

Plastic free, zero waste, organic, natural

Most of the baby and parent products I bought at the local wholefood shop turned out to contain beeswax (cera alba) or sheep's wool (lanolin), and were therefore not vegan.  Some nappies are also made from wool.  I made this website to help you avoid the same mistakes. Find information about green babies at WEN.

🛀Bath/ body wash, 🤱Breastfeeding, Nails🧷Nappy, 🤰 Pregnancy, 🚽 PottyRash- nappy/ dribbleRemediesSafety🖐 Sanitiser- hands🌞Sun cream🦷 Tooth brushing💊 Vitamin supplements🚲 Vehicles🧽 Wipes

Bath/ body wash
🛀 Bath/ body wash

Bath bars- baby and children's washing products for sensitive skin. Many of these are also organic and plastic-free or refillable:

🙄 Most of the baby and parent products I bought at the local wholefood shop turned out to contain beeswax (cera alba) or sheep's wool (lanolin), and were therefore not vegan. I made this website to help you avoid the same mistakes.

😐Products are not necessary at first. Baby did not eat food or have hair to get it in, and a very new Baby's skin is too sensitive for baths. Our initial bath attempt resulted in tears, and we put it off for a bit longer.

🙂 The problem was that we had followed the advice to bathe the baby in the evening, which was their unimpressed time of day. We learnt that it is best to constantly adapt routines around Baby's feedback, rather than what a book says. Once it became possible to wash my hair together with Baby in the bath, they started to play with my shampoo, and we then washed it from time to time if they are in a good mood.

Our skin is absorbent, and especially a baby's. It takes in what we put on it. This is why I prefer natural products; ones which could perhaps be eaten with just a small stomach upset. Our baby was born with very dry skin. Half the midwives told us we must put oil on them, and half told us we certainly must not. Contradictory medical advice was to become a theme of early parenthood. Perhaps it depends on the type of oil. I was lucky to be given an organic massage oil, which made Baby coo.​

We use a mixture children's bath products and our ones which are plain or natural.

✂ Nails

🧷 Nappies

Vegan friendly diapers:

🙄Some nappies and wipes contain wool, so look out. Even eco disposable nappies go in the general waste, not the council's compost bin.

🙂Grovia pants could be pulled up and down without undoing tabs, which made it easier for baby to stand. I still used poppers when there was a mess. Read more about baby toilet training, which save nappies.​

🚽 Potty

Potties, toilet seats and steps:

😐 My child never got into the habit of sitting on the potty I bought, since we started off holding them over a bucket, and then moved straight to a toilet seat. They liked to be the same. If my flat was larger, and the toilet was far away, I would have encouraged potty use.

🙂The collapsible 'Potette Plus' toilet seat (which doubles as a potty with silicon middle) was very handy.

The public toilet key can be used in places where the changing table is locked in an accessible toilet with no staff to open it. Accessible toilets are also large enough to wheel a buggy into. I sometimes used the buggy as a changing table too.

Read more about baby toilet training.​

⚕ Rash- nappy, dribble

Remedies to sooth nappy rash or 'gurgle' rash:

🙄 Some balms contain bee's wax (cerea alba) or sheep's wool (lanoline).

😐 When Baby was little we smothered them in nappy cream, and changed them frequently to avoid rashes. However, since we started early potty training, we didn't use it for a long time.

🙂 Avoid purchasing nappy cream by avoiding nappies: Read how we started toilet training from age two months. You can also do without: potties, changing tables, changing mats and nappy bags.

⚕ Remedies

These are some of the types of things we tried, but are not qualified to recommend:

⛑ Safety

🖐 Sanitiser

More natural hand sanitisers:

🌞 Sun cream

More natural, ocean and bee friendly sun products for all the family:

😐 Check for oxybenzone and octinoxate if you are concerned about coral reefs.

🦷 Tooth brushing

Vegan toothpaste:

🙂 My child is enthusiastic about Kingfisher strawberry and brought it to nursery for show and tell.

💊 Vitamin supplements

Vegan children's food supplements:

Vitamins: Vegums*, Ethical Superstore*, Veo*,​, Get Nourished*, Express Chemist*, Ocado​*

😐 Baby did not like baby vitamins. The ones from the health visitor were not vegan, but the vegan ones were no better.

🙂 However, they are now a little too fond of Vegums gummy bears, and like to build towers with the packaging. I've heard some children like the vegan Floradix, mine liked it at first then got bored.​

🚲 Vehicles

Equipment to get around- carriers, backpacks, buggies and bike seats:

Here are some buggies for flat dwellers:

  • Buggy/ pushchair/ stroller: eBay*, Preloved*, Kiddies Kingdom*, Bugaboo* ​​

  • City Mini from Babyjogger folds with one hand to store in a cupboard. It has medium sized wheels which work on grass and can be lugged up steps, although it's not light. You can add a snack table, handy for distracted toddlers.

  • Bugaboo Ant folds small and the seat faces in two directions.

  • Babyzen Yoyo folds very small.

  • Bumbleride is recyclable but large. 'Designed for the city'... but perhaps

😐 Useless purchases: Wrong buggy when too young.

🙂 Useful purchase: Toddler hiking backpack thing- great for London transport (such as the top deck of the bus) and small flats with lots of steps. Baby could see further than in the buggy.

The front bike seat was handy with a young child. I could see how they were getting on, and they could see where we were going. We added a windscreen too.​ Now they sit on the back.

🧽 Wipes

Greenish cleansing wipes:

🤱 Breastfeeding remedies

Boob balm- vegan, plastic free nipple oil:

🙄 Many products contain lanoline (sheep's wool) or cera alba (bee's wax).

🙂 Any oil which is edible to babies could be used for sensitive nipples. You could look in the kitchen or try a plain carrier oil. I used coconut, but not for that long. I do remember often putting a load on before leaving the house, as this meant it wouldn't immediately be sucked off... It was suggested to one of my friends that she put olive oil on a breast pad and wear this to prevent blisters.

Check out breastfeeding links before you start, especially videos.

🤱 Breastfeeding shopping

Fairly useful things for breastfeeding:

😐 Our useless purchases: Vegan infant formula, special bras and clothes (baby liked to have the whole tit out, not hidden), discrete shawl (a faff, used once), cruelty- full cream.

I practiced breastfeeding and expressing. I expressed at the time of day when I had most milk, while feeding on the other breast. I also did it when I had blocked ducts. Baby liked expressed milk for a month when I had dry times of day. After this it was refused.

I generally couldn't be bothered to use the breast pads, as when I did they often fell out of my bra. One day our washing machine was blocked, so we called a plumber round. He found them lodged in one of the pipes.

🙂 The pillow was actually very useful. I think it is especially useful if, like me, you have no chairs and small boobs.​

Check out breastfeeding links before you start, especially videos.

🤰 Pregnancy shopping

Vitamins, frumpy clothes and throwing up:

Check out these pregnancy links.

Rash- dribbe, nappy
Hand santiser
Sun cream
Tooth brushing
Vitamin supplements
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