Vegan Children's Books



Ed Vere (award winning book)

Lion and duck pair live in peace with poetry. 

'You don't have to ROAR to be heard...   Meet Leonard - a lion like no other.  Leonard's best friend is Marianne, a duck. But lions chomp ducks, don't they?  What will the pair do when their way of life is threatened?  From the New York Times-bestselling author of Max the Brave comes a powerful story celebrating daydreamers, individuality and the quiet courage to be yourself.'  There are lots of learning resources.  Published by Penguin.

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Julia Donaldson (author of The Gruffalo), David Roberts

'Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur's egg ends up in the wrong nest, confusion is sure to ensue! When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he's so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip. Poor little Drip: all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed . . .' 5-8

With a quick internet search, you can find lots of learning resources for this book.

Pan Macmillan

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Jules Bass, Debbie Harter (award winning book)

The pictures are warm in colour and detailed enough to hold interest.  A lot of words for a little one, but more interesting for the parent!  A traditional type tale with a moral twist.  

'When the knights of Castle Dark declare war on the dragons of Nogard, Herb, a peace-loving vegetarian dragon, convinces the others to stop killing and eating the townspeople.' 5-8

Published by Barefoot Books/ Abrams and Chronicle, printed in Asia with vegetable inks, printing partners carry ICTI CARE (or equivalent) certification


Smriti Prasadam-Halls (award winning author) and Katherina Manolessou

'As a tyrannosaurus rex that loves to eat vegetables and fruit instead of meat, Reginald is scolded, teased, and feels he does not fit in with his family and friends, so he leaves home to find acceptance among the herbivores.' 2-7+

Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. printed on FSC paper in China. 

vegan kids book

Robert Neubecker (award winning illustrator)

'Meet Linus, a Tyrannosaurus rex who is very brave, very tough, and very...vegetarian?' 4-7

Simon and Schuster


Debi Gliori (award nominated author)

'The world is populated by some beastly dragons who care nothing for how much they pollute the oceans, chop down the trees, gobble up all the food and use everything up without stopping to think.' 4+  Activities


vegan kids book

Dragana Vucic Dekic

'a rhyming picture book about a scary lion who decides to break away from the cruelty of the food chain.'



Carlos Patino

'Dave is a lovely monster from far far away that doesn’t understand why humans eat animals.' 5+



Flora Lee

'Come roar with Valen the lovable vegan dinosaur throughout different adventures with old friends and new.'