This page is about infant formula for vegan babies in the UK.  Find out more about breastfeeding support in the breastfeeding page, and pumping breastmilk in the expressing page.

I empathise with anyone who is unable to to breastfeed their baby, and has to use a vegan or cow's milk formula. 

However, I have not experienced this personally.  We ordered vegan infant formula from abroad in case I had breastfeeding problems.  Luckily, we didn't open any of it, and gave it away over the internet.  So, if you are looking for vegan baby milk, you could see if anyone else is doing the same.  

The official advise:  Breast milk qualities cannot be replicated in formula.  Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of a baby's life.  After this, a combination of breastfeeding and food is recommended until the age of two (WHOWHO).  This is because of the great present and future benefits in health and development.  

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Milk banks

Some people with a surplus of milk donate it for people in need, referred by doctors.  You can also buy milk from unregulated milk banks, but should be aware of cross contaimination.
I imagine that similarly, in the past, or in other parts of the world, family and neighbours would share milk if someone needed it.

Lab Grown Breast Milk

Some startups are working to produce lab grown breastmilk, LiveKindly reports.

Organic rice formula

Rice milk formula was reported to test safe (European Journal of Pediatrics) as an alternative to milk formula for infants with an intolerance.  Surrey NHS state that milk-free formulas are available on prescription to babies with an allergy.    

But Surrey NHS also state that rice milk should not be given before age 4.5 due to arsenic content.  Similarly, the Food Standards Agency do not recommend rice milk for babies (BBC). 

However, the EU place limits on the amount of arsenic allowed in rice products for babies, which go beyond the usual levels set by the WHO and FAO (BBC).  Any milk available in the EU must meet these limits.

Worldwide, lactose malabsorption affects 68% of people (Lancet).  Rice is the staple food of many countries, where many people manage to live.  The earliest recorded use of conventional adult rice milk was in 1921


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Biodidoo- France & Europe

La Mandorle

Soya formula with sheep wool byproduct

'Millions of infants worldwide have been fed soya-based infant formulas over the last 60 years (Viva).  It is considered safe for full term babies (Vegan Health).  

The NHS suggest consulting a doctor before giving soya formula to a baby, due to certain hormone- like chemicals found in the plants.  Viva highlight that hormones are found in greater amounts in animal milk.  Animals naturally have hormones, and these can also be injected on farms. 

Formula, rather than normal adult milk should be used until a child is 2.  However, children's soya milk alternative can be used from age 1 (Viva). 

The earliest recorded use of conventional adult soya milk was in 1365.  Soya is widely consumed around the world, in countries such as China.


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