Vegan parenting

Eco parenting

Vitamins, frumpy clothes and throwing up:
How I handled my morning sickness, while growing a strong vegan baby.

Birth is unpredictable- here's how to pack everything under the sun.

Our useless purchases: Vegan formula, special bras and clothes, shawl, non-vegan nipple cream. 
Practice breastfeeding and expressing.

Our useless purchases: Cot co-sleeper, sleepyhead, grobag, flat with spare room.
Useful information: Bed sharing safety guidelines.

Useless purchases: Wrong buggy when too young.
Useful purchase: Toddler hiking backpack thing- great for London transport and small flats with lots of steps.

Avoid purchasing nappy cream by avoiding nappies:  How we started toilet training from age two months.

You can also do without: potties, changing tables, changing mats and nappy bags.

The quickest clothes to whip on and off- for baby and parent wee wees.
All in one suits with zips avoid time spent on poppers and lost socks.  Hoodies avoid lost hats.

Shared healthy family meals...
Avoid purchase of: cups and forks which Baby chews apart, irrelevant crockery, and ready made squish which they refuse to eat.  Avoid all furniture purchases!

We tried a million first shoes which fell off, so you don't have to.
Looking ahead, here's also where to find vegan school shoes and vegan kid's schoes.

Natural remedies for colds, teething and fever, and toddling crash helmets

Vegan, ethical, second-hand online shops


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