Vegan Baby Books





Molly Egan, Jennifer Eckford

A is for Avocado, O is for Organic and T is for Tofu in this beautiful ABC book designed to teach very young children the basic concepts of veganism.

Printed on FSC paper in China. 

Published by Quarto/ Frances Lincoln.


Julia Barcalow, Kayleigh Castle

Combines two of Baby's favourite things- breasts!  Also other baby animals.  Therefor very popular in our home and has come on holiday with us more than once.  Familiar cosy subjects and repetition. 

'written for the youngest of readers to show how the milk of other animals is intended for their own babies, not for us to consume, and not for us to interfere with. The book also demonstrates the bond between parent and child through breastfeeding.' Baby

Vegan Publishers


Abiosh Cole, Kayleigh Castle

'A cute yet powerful, beautifully illustrated children’s board book written poetically from the perspective of various animals who explain why they are not food.' Baby

Vegan Publishers


Liora Raphael

'Kids will meet six named characters from the animal kingdom and learn fun facts about each so they can see them as the lovable, sentient creatures they are. They will then learn about the connection between these living beings and their food in a positive and age appropriate way.' Baby

Vegan Publishers


 Julia Feliz Brueck, Susan Szecsi

About Thanksgiving, so not as relevant in the UK.

'The first board book for little vegan readers! Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary is the story of how a turkey inspires compassion and ultimately, finds safety. ' Baby

Vegan Publishers


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