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We're planning a campaign about chick hatching in local schools.
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I, Mummy Vegan am a full time parent and a mum blogger at nap time.  I live with Toddler Vegan and Daddy Vegan.  Before I became a mother I studied and worked in: childcare, sustainability, fairtrade, adult education, and vegan projects.

Vegan Family Guide Philosophy


The world deserves an end to the cycle of violence which begins in childhood.  Children also deserve a fulfilling life now.  But how?  I've read up on parenting theories and cultural differences.  I hold that a resilient system is one which is adaptable.  Hone skills for deep observation by tuning in and connecting with your child.  Uncover your assumptions and ideology.  Evolve in light of what you learn and find balance.  You get out what you put in, so take the time and make a friend for life.  Remember that an air of calm confidence rubs off, and don't dwell on critics.  Above all, let yourself love your child, and let them know they're loved.






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