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Vegan toddler shoes

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Shoo pom/ Victoria

Vegan trainers

Barefoot shoes

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Kids shoes in the vegan collection, made 'ethically'.  

My child wears the easy-to-slip-on velcro shoes most days.


Moccasin Slipper Socks

John Lewis

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Thick socks with a firmer, grippier sole.  Ours mostly stay on the baby, but did need adjustment occasionally when the foot falls off the sole. 

turtle shoes are recycled and recylable, and a bit barefoot. 

Range of vegan children's shoes from various high street brands

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Popular brands of vegan children's shoes

Play shoes/ booties

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Play shoes are soft, waterproof socks which tie with a strap. I have witnessed toddlers walking in these. 

Playshoes at eBay

Vegan kids shop

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Vegan childrens shoes

Grippy socks with tread

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Kite at Ethical Superstore, or Frugi socks are an organic cotton mix. 

Handy inside for little ones who have just learnt to walk or crawl. We also send them to nursery, where they like children to have slippers. 


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Made with vegan suede, cotton and waste corn.  The fur lined shoes aren't vegan. 

Barefoot shoe shop

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Various brands

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