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The world is a volcano

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Obsession of the week has been volcanoes. I'm really enjoying it. I think it started with The Snail and the Whale (print activities) and a sticker book atlas. Find more sciencey eco stickers, toys, art supplies and learning resources in Vegan Family Guide.

We tried to make a vinegar volcano, but only had balsamic vinegar, so it wasn't quite the same. You can also make a volcano with cola and mints. Toddler Vegan didn't mind, as they see volcanoes everywhere we go. Here are some of our recent expeditions.

Make a big pile of cushions, blankets, duvets, in the living room or bedroom

If you leave a hole in the middle you can sit in it like a nest with Russian doll eggs.

Make a hole between cushions at the bottom to be a rabbit burrow, or hide some crystals (wooden blocks). Hide under an orange blanket cave.

To make the pile taller lean things against the corner of the room, or build around a bin or yoga cylinder.

Edible vegan volcanoes

Many squishy foods can be clumped together into a dome, with grated carrot or tomato sauce for added drama. Here we have also made a pile of hashbrowns, and a gingerbread mound. I cut baked potatoes in half, made holes, and stuffed lunch into them. They aren't pictured since they just looked like breasts.

Water and bubbles in the kitchen

Geysers be like: Freeze water in a tupperware, hack it out and melt it in a saucepan until it floats away as steam. Repeat.

Blow bubbles (with a reusable straw.)

Fill the bath with bubbles and...

Upend a funnel and slowly press it into the bubbles- they cascade out the spout.

Pick the bubbles up and load them into a bucket until they overflow.


Make a big pile and put a hole in it and overfill it, delighting as the water spills out.

An older child's stick fire arrangement can be imagined as a volcano due to its conical construction.


Playdough can be anything.

Paint one, adding scrunched tissue paper blasts.

Painted jam jar over a torch.

Toilet roll.

Volcano colouring sheet by Tim's Printables

Papier mache volcano by Blue Bear Wood


Look for a recycled book in Oxfam or eBay.


Usborne website- The third video contains potentially frightening Pompei skeletons. The moneys in the hot spring are cute.

BBC Bitesize- We watched the mountain formation animation about five times.

Living Montessori Now- a long list.

River of Lava contains Toddler Vegan's favourite underwater footage.

An explainer.

I stumbled upon this and recognised it as a friend's wedding march.

Toddler Vegan seems to find this character amusing.

What Daddy Vegan and I watch when we watch TV together about once a year.

The land of lava lakes.

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