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Ethical Superstore- sustainable food, toys and pants

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Ethical Superstore is a sustainable online supermarket or department store. They stock a wide range of Fairtrade, organic, recycled, sustainably sourced, and energy saving products. You can filter products by ethics and certification.

The shop has all the usual things you can find in a health food shop. It is possible to buy food items in bulk. There is a choice of the surprisingly nice organic tinned meals we started eating when Baby was new and we didn't want to cook. We recently received a prompt delivery of online grocery shopping, despite the lockdown.

You can buy biodegradable and washable nappies and wipes and organic, Fairtrade and gender neutral clothes for baby, children and school. Less inspiringly, there are maternity and nursing pads for yourself.

We have-

Baby was incentivised to learn to crawl by the desire to knock these down. Daddy, Daddy's business parter, and Granny have all played with these when Baby wasn't looking. The traditional tower building game with a colourful creative twist.

Fun to float and sink in the bath tub.

The hedgehog can stand up or lie flat and has a nice face.

Older children would be interested in the toys powered by solar and wind energy, science kits, and books.

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