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London map

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The map works better on a computer than a phone, as it is easier to read the place marker descriptions. 

Here is a map of playground pictures and open spaces, child friendly cafe information, and libraries in Islington and Hackney, London.  The map also shows vegan and vegetarian cafes, museums and art galleries around London, and venues with children's groups in N1.  Below you can find other local links. 

If a cafes has asked to be on the map, you know there will be a welcoming atmosphere.  These cafes have completed a questionnaire to join the map.  When you click on the icon you can find out how they describe themselves.  Other cafes are on the map because they featured in reviews or were recommended in forums. 

Cafes who completed the survey state if they have facilities such as: high chairs, nappy changing, space for buggies, toys, or a garden.  They state if they can cater for allergies, and if they have finger food, or can warm bottles.  The cafes also mention ethics they follow.

View the map in it's own window to search for your location


Click here to find out about the London Leisure Pass, which gives entry to a range of city attractions 


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Local Buyers Club discount card get £2 off with the code HLONGCB2.  I use it in Epiczen and Planet Organic, and find it paid for it's self very quickly.

Stokey Parents

Babes About Town

North London Mums

Islington Council operate: Family Information Service website and Facebook page, Islington Family Directory, childcare information, fortnightly bulletin on childcare work

Islington Council Eventbrite page- has occasional baby clothes and cloth nappy swaps