There are many theories and methods for connecting with children.  Many relate to attuning to the individual child, while being mindful of your own behaviours.  Therefore, listening and observing the child is more important than ideology.  As is an acceptance that it is not possible to be perfect. 

On the subject of imperfection, I quite like this article: 8 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Has Just Given Birth


Baby likes physical contact, eye contact and generally as much attention as humanly possible.  However, recently Baby doesn't mind kicking on the changing mat, or watching us wash up, providing we respond with a cuddle when asked.  

Skin to skin

Our hospital was very keen on skin to skin contact, delayed cord clamping, and other natural birth stuff.  However, these were not possible for medical reasons.  We had skin to skin contact later in hospital, and still regularly at home.  This can be: when feeding, hanging out listening to music, or in the bath.



Baby Massage

Baby enjoys massages, which is not surprising as we do too. 

Baby massage across the world 

Baby Massage: How and Why You Need to Do It

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Contrary to the insistence of all medical people, it is pretty hard to get a baby to sleep in a cot...

Meal times can be social times.

Shared responsibility

Daddy has been taking time off and working from home, which has meant he can do all the housework, cooking, and some childcare.  This means I have had lots of time to get to know baby.  We also have help from my parents.  I am aware this is not possible for most people, and we are very lucky.  

Baby Yoga

An activity you can do together.  One of many possibilities.  We haven't tried this yet, but I hope to.


Baby Signing

We have started to use some signs with Baby, although it is too early.  I wanted to get in the habit as it is hard to remember. 

Baby sometimes likes reading.

Baby Sign and Learn App- has UK and Hong Kong sign language

I have found breastfeeding a great way to bond with our baby.  We are also very lucky this has worked for us.  I watched videos before Baby was born, and also used a helpline.

Find lots of links on the milk page.

Baby Wearing

Baby loves looking around and sleeping in the carrier when we go out.  At home I can manage jobs like tidying or vacuuming, but haven't figured out carrying a washing basket or doing the dishes, or anything which requires us to stand still.  Plus, I'm never sure what to do when Baby sleeps.

Baby led potty training

This is the practice pf learning to recognise the signals babies give when they need the toilet.  I have found it requires me to be more attentive toward Baby.

Sing & dance

Baby loved sitting and singing with us when little, but has recently found other things to do.

I made a Spotify playlist

Why song and dance are essential for children’s development