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To live with warmth is to bring a kind and cuddly glow wherever you go.

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Quickly answer all your anti-violence, vegan and eco parenting questions in one non-judgy place. 

Parent for peace: 'Actively encourage kindness toward non-human animals and human animals.' 

Vegan family guide title page picture

Featured in:

  • The Vegan Society
  • Veganuary
  • Bright Zine
  • Mush Mums
  • parent influencer My Bump 2 Baby

Places to visit: View the map of fun things to do.

Colouring sheets: A page of pintables.

Books: The Bookshop has vegan-friendly stories and activity books arranged by age.

Music: Click the (below) Spotify playlist or Youtube playlist for music which is suitable for all the family, parents included. 

TV: Visit the Youtube channel for compilations of story book readings and gentle videos (my favourite is Puffin Rock)